Raining Petals

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1 month to go Bubba!!

Today Carter is 23 months old!! Only 1 month until my little man turns 2. This coming weekend he will be celebrating with family before we head south and we are looking forward to lots of fun!! I love you Carter bug!!

Messy face and all this is the cutest boy I have ever seen;)

Carter and I went for a walk around Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood in Twin. Outside in the flower bed Carter found a ceramic duck that he thought was a worthy companion for his afternoon stroll.

Poor duck didn't even make it a block.

The duck's final resting place.
(until Aunt Casey found it and took care of the mess Carter and I made.)

FYI...Carter gets his cast off tomorrow!! Woohoo!! It hasn't been too bad accept for the thing smells like the local landfill and has turned brown around the edges...not to mention that his little chubby fingers look like they are starting to grow mold in the crevices. I really do try to clean him!!! Can't wait for normal bath time again!!


Jennifer Dunn said...

Can't believe he's almost two!!!

julie said...

I love the 2nd picture of Carter best. The first one, he looks too old. And he needs to stay young forever.

And as I mentioned, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Fat or no, you are one hot mamma..doesn't even matter. But I do believe you will find your groove back, so just know that I believe in you, and love you.

The Van Noys said...


Bradbury Trio said...

What a stud-muffin this one is! He has a smile that can melt anybody's heart! I love these pictures of him--MUAW! MUAW!--