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Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Don't Know What Long Is!

***Written 04/16/2007***

Here I sit, in the waiting room of the dentist's office, awaiting the return of Josh. I imagine he will groggily walk out with red, puffy cheeks. I am hoping he will somewhat resemble a chipmunk. I think he would make a cute chipmunk. He is no doubt having the most UN-fun time a person can have right now. He is getting his wisdom teeth yanked, all 4 of them. Poor bloke. I only had 2. They were on top. It was a very speedy recovery. I pray the dry socket gods will avoid him. I can take care of little babies, but I have found it harder over these almost 6 years to take care of bigger babies, i.e. Josh. When he is sick I throw things at him from a distance and then bolt the door and leave. I am a bad wife…well maybe just a bad hospice nurse. What makes it worse is that he takes care of me like I am princess when I am sick. Except for now he always thinks I am faking at first and I have to convince him of my illness and try and find some respite without being bombarded by mothering/wife-ing requests. But how did this turn into being about me. Poor Josh. Poor, lousy feeling Josh. (although I haven’t seen him yet…maybe he will come out of the procedure room doing cartwheels!) I won’t hold my breath.

SOOOOOooooooo?!?!? Do you want to know if we have made a decision about moving??? Do ya? No? Is there even anyone reading this? Hhhhmmmm.

Well if there is…we said YES!!!! Yesterday, Mark, my main contact from Orion called me and gave me the full details such as pay, place to live, and so on. We are really excited and it will be a great opportunity!!! I am thrilled and scared to death at the same time. What I fear is just the unknown. I know Pocatello so well now. I know where everything is, my favorite places to go, what routes I like to take, and the best part is that I always feel 100% safe. I know in time I can feel the same way about our new town…but what if I never find a favorite place or I don’t feel safe? That is my biggest concern. But I also know I am just worrying for nothing because everything I have gathered on this new place seems nothing short of pleasant.

I worry to tell you the name of our new town because it is a smaller town that if some creepy, weird person wanted to find me after reading my spectacular blog they could probably do so. So for now, I will just say we will be living in Northern Mississippi. It is basically a suburb of Memphis, TN. The whole area is dotted with towns here and there and the county is booming. Like I said, our town is small, but one that is growing very quickly. I think that offers us many advantages. We are also a short drive to anywhere!! I am so excited for all the many road trips I see in our future to many numerous destinations. We will go north, and south, and east…and maybe west. On my list already is a trip up to Nauvoo and the many church sites in the area, a trip down to Picayune to show Josh and Carter where I lived as a little girl and to meet many relatives for the first time, and then of course to Memphis and get to know all the many things I hope it has to offer. NYC is in my future as well…it is only like 17 hours away!!!…that is so doable!!!

***Now present day-11:31 a.m.***

So wow yesterday was eventful!! Josh did come out of the surgery room almost doing cartwheels…but not by choice. He was so loopy he was tripping over his feet and saying really random things. I couldn’t help but sit there laughing at him. The doctor and a few others waiting most likely thought I was rather insensitive. However, the doctor soon joined in the fun and was telling me that Josh started talking about “agency” while under the influence of anesthesia. He said he thought he would soon be preaching the Book of Mormon to everyone! HAHahahah!! I sure am glad that is what my husband started rambling about when losing control of his mind…it could be worse…so much worse. Ha!! He stumbled out to the car with the help of the hygienist (who used to be a tenant of ours which was funny because Josh also brought up a story about her losing her hamster while he was under the knife as well) And then he was in and out of consciousness as I ran around trying to fill prescriptions, get him some necessary care items, and try and get a milkshake in his belly. After throwing up four or 5 times and spending a couple of hours in bed he gets up and gets dressed and says he is going to work. EXCUSE ME!! I told him to get back in bed but he refused and I had to go with him because there was no way I was letting him drive.

We went around and got some necessary stuff done and from there he just continued to get feeling better and woke up very early, and rearing to go. I could hardly see straight so I did not join him in his morning excursions. Ugh…still loathe mornings most of the time.

BUT…during all this our little man Carter is at school. We call it “school” because that sounds better than saying he is at “daycare” There is a stigma that comes with the word daycare…many stay-at-home-moms have been so great to put it there, along with the moms who turn up there nose to “non-breast feeders”, the moms who don’t use all organic products, the moms who don’t option for cloth diapers, the moms who let their kids watch TV, the moms who let their kids have sugar in any form and so help me if it labeled “candy”…and the list goes on and on for the snooty, judgmental moms club. Save it! Or I just might…just might swift kick you in the face…then there will be another thing you can put me down on your list for! J A few times I have had the comment “oh wow I could NEVER leave my child at daycare. Do you know what happens in those places” okay…someone please tell me how I am supposed to react to this statement after just explaining that Carter was indeed at “school” HUH?! My thought is well…I would never leave my child with YOU because you obviously have no sense of tact, communication skills, and are indeed judging me at this moment…all things I hope that Carter will avoid in his life. Save it…you are this close to me doing a roundhouse to your nose(if I could only do a roundhouse)

Anyways…sheesh nice rant Laura. I really am not feeling picked on at all. I don’t know why I decided to go off on the Martha’s but I am done now. At just so you know, the school Carter goes to is AMAZING and he asks every morning “Mom, school” and he will start naming off all of his friends and teachers. He goes in happy and starts playing and when I go pick him up he is always playing and happy and I feel very good leaving him there. Of course there is the majority of me that misses him all day and longs to be able to just be a better, “stay at home mom”(once we move he is stuck with me all day! So only a couple more weeks) but I know he gets a lot of activity and learning and friends there and he enjoys it! BUT yesterday was different. Yesterday was the day that the Martha’s would use to say, “See, I told you. Something like this was bound to happen.” After which we all know I would use some sort of karate move on the slanderer. Well…Josh and I were driving to one of our properties to get a tenant moved-in and turnover keys when one of Carter’s teachers calls.

“Carter fell off the back of the couch and has been crying now for almost 20 minutes and he is holding his wrist” My throat dropped down into my stomach. My poor, little guy. He is in pain and I am not there immediately to hold him. So we rush off BUT we are as far opposite and as far away from where he is as possible! Go figure! When we get there he is no longer crying and just sitting subdued with his teacher. The instance he sees me he screeches and reaches out me for. He asks me to kiss his little wrist, which I do multiple times over. It may seem weird but at this time I didn’t feel like a bad mom. I didn’t feel neglectful. The minute he saw me he let his emotions gush and asked for kisses and love, which he knew he would get. He wrapped his arms around me and snuggled in my neck for a minute. I felt like the best mom in the world right then. My son knows me, and wants me. He knows I am the one who gives him pure love and nurturing. He knows I am the one to take care of him when he has an “ouchy”. So at that moment I knew I was a good mom despite not being with him every single minute of the day. As soon as he was in my arms there were no more tears…just kisses. And…I already had an appointment at the doctor by the time we picked him up…so another kudo for me!;)

Wow…this is REALLY long and if you are still with me then we should get married!

So at the doctor’s Carter really seemed fine. He played with the toys and was happy and laughing. But an x-ray later showed he had a little fracture in his tiny wrist. They put a splint on him and tomorrow he goes in for a real cast! I think we are going to make it blue! Carter is such an active, rambunctious boy and is so daring. He is always jumping off thing, jumping onto things, doing somersaults off ottomans…and so on. I think he actually had hurt his wrist a couple of times and this incident put him over the top. I am not mad at anyone at his school because this is totally something that could have happened on my watch with just one kid. It is just Carter. This is what he does. I told Josh today that this is probably the first a bunch of visits to the doctor for accidents because I just don’t see him slowing down any time soon!! I will post a picture of his cast on Friday! We also got a prescription for his eczema and eardrops. So it was a very beneficial visit in all!

So I could have said all of this in just a matter of sentences, but I guess I feel I have to always put in all of my commentary. I feel like I have to put every detail if possible because I might need it in the future. So thanks for sticking with me!!

I will post pictures soon! We went to the circus the other night and Carter got to see elephants…so look for more soon!!


Carrie said...

Wow! That is a really long post. I hope Josh is recovering well. Congratulations of the moving decision! I am soooo excited for you guys. It is hard at times do be so far away from everything...missing all the little things...but we've really, really enjoyed it. I hope that you will too! Oh, and I'll be really close to NYC when we're in CT so you'll have a place to stay!

Emily said...

Wow, pretty eventful day! I'm glad you decided to move to Mississippi except I'm jealous. Love your posts, even the long ones!

Casey Marie said...

What's with all the weird error prints between paragraphs? Are those pictures that I'm missing or something?

That made me laugh about Josh. SO funny. Leave it to him to be back at work after a pretty traumatic mouth surgery. I was out for about 3 days and was still bleeding after a week from getting just one tooth out. They said it was normal.

My poor little Carter. He is so sweet. I just love him.

Congrats on your moving opportunity.

Matt and Brandi said...

Congratulations on moving. What a great opportunity! That was a really long blog, but I just love reading them! Poor Carter, give him hugs for me. Oh and I have never been a "Martha." I just want you to know I have always thought you were a great mommy!

The Van Noys said...

BRANDI!!! I am so happy you are on here!! If you read this you need to enable your blog to have comments left...I went to leave you a comment but there is no link to click on!

Cheri said...

I sent Ethan off to preschool for 6 months when he was three because of his speech problems caused by his allergies, and we both LOVED it. He can't wait to go to kindergarten this year because goign to preschool was his favorite part of the week. He was there for three hours 3 days a week. Plus, Lauren and I finally got some one on one time just the two of us. I'm really not sure if I'm a Martha or not, certainly lack the crafty gene for sure.
And I guess we should get married because I(of cours) read the whole thing. Hope Josh is dealing fine, I got mine out right before I got married and I was just fine. It was the only time I've ever had anesthesia and I really didn't like it. I guess I went off on how lucky I was to be marrying Brett. Traci said it was pretty funny.
As for your move! Wow! I'm so excited for you! How fun and I'm sure you'll love the experiance. Good luck with everything! Thisd is why I love bloggers, I get to follow you around no matter where you are!

munge said...

Poor bubbie. He is a rough and tumble boy so be prepared. You should try very hard to never be without insurance. I am glad JOsh recovered so well from the wisdom teeth. I hope it doesn't come back and bite him. That is a shock to any system. I am glad you are excited to move. I think you are going too far away. *Sniff*

millerandbrandi said...

Oh man Laura...I can't believe I endured to the end of that loooooooooooong post! :) It was very informational though. Congrats on moving...how exciting to start a new adventure! You will love it I'm sure. And, its so great to do now while Carter is still so young. About the daycare...I would indeed have told the lady to shove it! Definitely none of her business...plus, HELLO! It sounds like Carter is having a blast. And obviously you have checked out the place thoroughly...again, my advice: tell the lady to shove it :)

Shelby said...

Moving will be such a fun adventure for your family! Hope Carter's little wrist heals quickly!

julie said...

Will you marry me? You said we could if I stuck with your blog. So many things make me laugh. Brandon is a SAINT when I am sick and when he is sick, I'm like, "Quit whining, you're fine!" Poor poor Brandon. And poor Carter! Though it doesn't surprise me that is first cast is before he is 2. He is so daring! I love that about him. Anyway, I can't remember what else, but thanks for writing a long blog..I kept checking constantly, so it's about time!

K said...

Little kids get hurt. That's what they do...even when they are home with their mamas all day. We've supported our local ER more times than I care to mention, and it was always on my watch.

It drives me crazy that mothers are so quick to tear each other down. We all do the best we can in the situation we are in. I've had women roll their eyes at me because I don't send my kids to preschool. I've come to the conclusion that there are people who will look at me with disdain no matter what I do, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I do my best for my family, and hope it's good enough.