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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What to Say?

I have been trying to think of something to say but I have been at a loss. I figured I could at least post about Carter. I can always talk about him.

Oh! On Monday night we had Family Home Evening and Josh asked me if I would give a lesson. I said "No." ha! Just Kidding! Of course I would! I picked up the April Ensign and flipped right to an article about journal writing. If any of you have read this article then you might know why I was very pleased. You see, Josh has had some qualms about my blogging. He has taken it all totally wrong. For some reason he thinks I am just online "gossiping" all day(when in fact I average about 15 minutes of blog time daily). I have tried numerous times to reassure him that was not the case. So, when I could show him the box right in the middle of the article that gave suggestions about ways to keep a journal and point right to the word "blogging" I was thrilled!! I also expressed to him that this is the only way in which I have been good at recording things. I have many attempts at journaling in books that have all failed miserably. I expressed to him how much Carter, as well as the two of us, will like to read back over my entries and see how much he has grown. It is a way of preserving feelings and moments that we will one day want to draw from and think back on and if we can't remember them, we better hope we wrote about it somewhere! I pleaded my case with him and he got a better understanding and now approves. Though, I better not be doing it while he is home;) He thinks he deserves my undivided attention or something. I guess that makes two because Carter is jumping up and down if front of me and waving stuff around and saying "Come On Mommy!" I swear...it is just 15 minutes!!

In other news. Carter and I were walking around ISU today and he was looking at me with my hand in my pocket. He then found his little pants pockets and put his tiny little hands in them and walked around like that for most of the time. It was probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen. He got a bunch of admirers oogling over him and he said "Hi" to everyone he passed. Funny thing is...most college students don't know how to react to a simple, innocent "hi" They all seemed to be caught a little of guard. Maybe there should be a person assigned to walk around campus all day saying "hi" to people so that we don't have to encounter anymore un-comfortablenesses...sheesh! Come on people!


Casey Marie said...

Oh that is so cute. I want to see him with his little hands in his pockets. I miss my little naughty nephew. :) Come play:)

Casey Marie said...

Oh and read Jake's story...hehe it's awesome.

munge said...

oh, I wish you had a picture of him with his pants in his pockets like that. He is so funny.

When I took psychology at BYU we had to do an experiment and say Hi to everyone we passed as we walked up the hill to get to campus. It was interesting how many people, said hi back and how many people looked at you weird and stepped up their pace to get away from you. :))

Tim and Laura Allen said...

I need to read my Ensign. Tim and I have had the same discusion many times. He thinks that I am obsessed. I swear he can read the news paper for a half hour but I cant blog for a half hour. Come on...honestly. Maybe now that I have one of the general authorities behind me he will be more understanding.

P.S. that is so cute about Carter. I'm going to try to say hi more now

Shelby said...

I was also really excited to hear that blogging is good. My blog book is almost ready to be published, and I can't wait to get it back and see my blog turned into an actual book for my posterity.

Us Bailey's said...

That's cute-I wish I could have ran into you on campus and gotten a Hi- maybe Mike did! I agree with you on having someone walk around to say hi - I bet the world would be a happier place!

Spicer said...

Laura, I just wanted to say thank you for your post. It really helped me to feel better. We figure there is something more in store for us. When he really does get in we will be that much more grateful! We are even thinking about moving to Texas to get residency because there are about 10 medical schools down there. We always say everything happens for a reason, sometimes you just wonder what that reason is.

Anyways when are you guys planning on moving? Are you nervous? Every time I think about moving to Texas I just want to cry-because I'm a big wimp!:) What kind of boutique are you going to open? Thanks again for your comforting words, you're wonderful!

julie said...

And Brandon can poop for a 1/2 hour but I can't blog? Haha, is that too much info? Probably, considering Brandon never complains..

But Amen on saying Hi thing. What? What do I do now?! Ah! So awkward! That includes me..:)

Bradbury Trio said...

WORD! Please get a picture of that studmuffin with his little hands in his pockets! I bet it's so cute!!

I believe if everyone knew YOU Laurita, the world would be a better place! FOR REAL! You are so fun and make everyone laugh! Thankgoodness for blog world, so I can get my Laura cup filled up whenever I want!

I'm going to have to use that same article for our FHE--Thanks! I probably do spend too much time blogging, but I love it, and it's either that or watch Everybody loves Raymond, or HGTV!!