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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Once Upon A Time...6 Years Ago...

6 years ago I was in my 2nd semester at BYU-I and having THE time of my life! That first year of college was seriously some of the best times of my life. There are not many years I would choose to go back and live(though they were mostly all good...but still) but I would go back in a heartbeat to that year!

Josh had just recently returned home from his mission in Argentina. He got home over Christmas break and some of you may remember the anxiety I felt leading up to his arrival. I didn't know if I had any feelings left for him anymore and I was really worried about our reunion and having it just go terribly south.

However, as soon as I saw Josh step off the plane I melted and I knew...all of the feelings I ever had for him returned and I was in pure bliss. Oh my heck...just remembering...!

This could be a really, really LONG story so I better leave out a bunch....fast forward to February.

I was back in Rexburg and Josh was living in Provo. We made plans for him to drive up to see me for Valentine's Day. Hooray!! I wanted this day to be perfect, different, and special. I thought about and came up with what I think was a phenomenal idea. We were going to celebrate all of the holidays we missed out on in the past 2 years he was gone. So, with my idea shining brighter than a 60 watt I got to work!

I reserved my apartment's clubhouse, the neighboring apartments clubhouse, and enlisted the help of my roomies to pull this off.

When Josh arrived on February 14th, 2002...he was welcomed by a note telling him that I was not there ( I had gone on a journey..haha!) and he would have to try to catch up with me on my travels. The note of course leading him to different destinations around my apartment complex. Well, as good of a job as I thought on did on the clues, I forgot Josh was not as familiar with this place as I was and he quickly got confused. I remember when Angie informed me that Josh had arrived and had started his "journey"...I thought oh good...this will probably take him maybe 15 minutes...and hour later I was still waiting at the end stop wondering if Josh had decided he no longer loved me and took off.

So we hoped in Angie's car and started driving around Rexburg (which is a huge town full of twists and turns!haha!) We finally found Josh walking on the snow covered streets with a teddy bear and rose in hand. We pulled over and I was like "how the heck did you end up clear over here!?!?...the notes were supposed to keep you in the apartment complex!" He had stopped along his journey and asked a few people if they could make sense of the notes and I guess other people were confused too and sent him all over the town. Anyways...Josh was trying not to be angry....but I can tell he was little upset because it was freezing and he just could not make sense of my notes and he had become really frustrated.

I told him I was so sorry as I was trying not to laugh my head off and took the poor wilted rose.

I told him Angie would help him with the rest of the scavenger hunt so that I would have time to get back to my place.

Angie helped him and within a matter of minute Josh came down the stairs that led to the clubhouse lounge area. This is where things are a little hazy and I have forgotten the exact order of how we did things...but here goes

I told him we were celebrating all of the holidays we had missed out on as we were apart for 2 years. I think I sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him birthday presents (this was for July when his birthday is and I think I had something for the 4th of July as well) I do remember that I gave him the book "Stand a Little Taller" so we could carry on our tradition of reading the quote or passage from it each day.

Next we went over to the other clubhouse and I had a Christmas Tree in there all decorated and Christmas lights hung up. And more presents!!

Somewhere along the way I think we had Easter and Thanksgiving...but I am at a loss...how sad!

I wish I could remember all of the other stuff we did but I can't.

In the evening we got all dressed up. I remember feeling so pretty. My roommate Amanda did my hair and make-up and I borrowed a skirt from Angie that was so pretty and shirt from Amanda. We went out to the theater at BYU-I where a talent show...or comedy skits were going on. It was fun and we enjoyed the show.

After that I took him to the top of the Hogi Yogi...for those of you who do not know Rexburg...the Hogi Yogi is a weird building with a turtle shell looking roof or something like that and they have an upstairs section. Nickie, Katie, and Angie had the table all set up for us. It was candle lit and they had baked a heart shaped pizza and had it waiting and salads and sparkling cider. It was perfect!!! (I seriously had the best roommates ever to take their whole day and evening to help me have the most wonderful date ever). They took pictures of us and then left us to our dinner. We talked and laughed ( I remember there was another couple sitting a few tables over...we had the upstairs sectioned off but they came through anyway...and they just sat and watched us which was weird) Anways...it was the most wonderful dinner (not that the food was amazing) but just the whole feeling of it.

Then we headed back to my clubhouse (where once again my roommates are amazing...they had the whole place transformed from my earlier celebration into Valentine's Day....pink and red paper chains, hearts, balloons, confetti, streamers...the works. It looked like a Valentine's Dance in Junior High...and it was PERFECT!! I loved it!!

Once there I told him to sit down and I put a movie in the VCR. This was a video complied of pictures before his mission, during, and after and set to music. I love this video I made!

Seriously, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this video! This was still before all of the technological advances we have now. I had to go into this small room and scan each picture with this big huge machine and try and time it just perfectly and then after that I had to try and get the music to record just right...once as I was nearing the end I somehow lost all my work...gone. I remember just wanting to beat the machine apart with a baseball bat....tough times...but I am glad I persevered because this video is priceless to me.

At the end of the video I ask him if he will dance with me and music keeps playing...so we danced and it was sweet and wonderful and amazing. Then he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring box and tells me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and says "Laura, will you marry me?" I remember I was shocked. I really expected it, but then I didn't at the same time. I just had my hand over my mouth saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" Of course I said yes.

I looked at the ring again and then just started laughing. It was a ring with the diamonds in s snowflake like shape...and I was like "what is this?" There are so many great things about Josh...but picking out jewelry is not one of them. He was like "oh wait I have another one"...then he pulled out another ring. It was three diamonds and the one in the middle was a heart. hahahahahaha!!! okay...it was a cute ring...but I never seen anyone with an engagement ring shaped like a heart. I laughed again and he told me that these were just temps and he wanted to take me to pick out my perfect ring. That works for me!! I put on the heart ring and we of course kissed and laughed and talked.

At one point we almost decided not to be engaged anymore. Haha! This was because Josh's parents were mission presidents in the West Indies and still had a year or so left and we wanted them to be able to come to the wedding. But I just couldn't bare to give up the moment and have it not count so I was ENGAGED!!!

As we were reveling in the moment the blasted RA came in and told us the clubhouse was closed and we had to leave now. Uh! Didn't she just know what happened and how she just broke up the most amazing night ever?!?! So, we left. Josh walked me to my door and I closed the door and melted to the floor. I was just smiling so big and my some of my roomies came out and said...so are you engaged? I held out my hand and we all screamed and jumped up and down like girls do.

I then had to call home and let them know it was official and then had to call Julie in Pocatello and let her know.

The next day we drove to Twin for my bestie Carrie's wedding reception and it was fun to be an officially engaged couple there! I loved being able to tell everyone and seeing Carrie and seeing Carrie and Jason as newlyweds only added to the excitement.

So this long post was definitely a day I do not want to forget...or forget the rest of as I already have blank spots. Thank you Josh for the most amazing Valentine's Day ever!

You are my best friend, my favorite daydream, and my strongest hope.

I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!


julie said...

Oh gag me Laura...

hahaha! Actually, this was a very sweet post and I liked it. It was genuine and perfect for this holiday. Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, you might want to kick Carter out of your bed tomorrow night..just a thought. :)

The Van Noys said...

why Julie? Why would I kick Carter out of my bed?

Anonymous said...

Laura: I love this very romantic story. I knew Casey had a very special family & now I know why. You two sisters are a lot alike in many ways. I am glad I had the chance to meet you. Kathy (Codys Mom)

Annie & Jake said...


I don't know if you remember but I was there with you and everybody else at the airport when Josh came home from his mission. I remember the look on your face when he stepped off the plane--it was very sweet. I didn't know your engagement story so this was a fun post for me to read! Happy Valentine's Day!

Tim and Laura Allen said...

That is such a sweet story! What a perfect way to get engaged. It's fun to go back and remember what it was like when you were dating, it always makes me appreciate Tim so much. Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Cheri said...

I remember how nervous you were about it when Josh was coming home. I always thought you two were perfect for eachother so I was really really hoping things worked out. I was so excited when I heard you were engaged!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Ohh that is so sweet! I love that you did that for Josh! I think you are so sweet! And you have such creative ideas! I just love you! Hope you had a great V-day!

Bradbury Trio said...

ROFL!!! Laura, I remember this as if it happened yesterday!! Josh getting lost and preparing everything!! You two are soooooooo cute together. It was so fun watching you two reunite and being all lovey dovey with eachother...I even remember walking in on you two smooching once or twice, and wishing I had someone to smooch with! :)I'm so happy that it all worked out, and that you're still happily married and always will be!! HAPPY HEART DAY!

Shelby said...

This is such a sweet story! You went to so much effort, and it must have worked because you got engaged!