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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like A Single Snowflake...

TODAY'S JOURNAL: Comment on Your Uniqueness

*Growing up my initials were LDS...it was like wearing a permanent CTR ring.

*In 7th grade I broke the Robert Stuart Junior High record in the discus and shot put.
*Coincidently I have a great uncle named L. Jay Silvester who won a silver medal
in the 1972 Olympics for discus...Which just happens to be the same Olympics that the
"Munich Massacre" occurred....which just happens to be what Steven Spielberg's
movie "Munich" is centered around.
* I cannot discuss the discus without also mentioning that my big brother
Nate holds the Twin Falls High School Record and he went to Germany on
his mission...uncanny isn't it??!?!?!? My dad and uncle Bryan also have
kicked some major trash at throwing. I guess it is a Silvester thing.

*My records lasted two years before Holstein came in and ripped them to shreds...oh well...for 2 years I was living the high life and it was fun while
it lasted.

*I was stung by a Jelly Fish while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico...when I was...hhmmm 3? 4 maybe? Not so much fun.

*I was forced to perform child labor for many of my impressionable years due to my grandfather being a farmer, thus, I have peed in fields more times than you can blink an eye at.
*one of those times while working I sat down to take a break, my dad didn't think it
was such a good idea and threw a big dirt claud at me. It nailed me right in the head.
He thought it would be a soft one(so he claims..um hmm)that would just disintegrate
on its way over to me...however...I think it was a small boulder wrapped in mud.
He felt bad and had to buy me a King Size snickers bar and I got to sit the rest of the day
out. Ha! Serves you right!

*I fear rejection. I used to fear public rejection so much that I would prematurely disqualify myself for things to make it seem like I was in control of the situation and that I would be the only one to say I was not going to do something.
Example: 9th grade volleyball try-outs. After a less than ideal experience on the 8th grade team I somehow mustered up enough desire to try out the next year. After
going through the motions I just began to feel completely inadequate and feared not
seeing my name on the team roster. I, therefore, took matters into my hands and told
the coach I no longer wanted a playing position but my real hearts desire was to be the
team manager. She insisted to me that I needed to finish the try-outs. I refused and took
my place on the side lines. She later informed me that had I continued I would have been a contender and may have acquired a spot. It was the "may" that freaks me out. For the most part I have grown out of this vice...but still can face some social insecurities at times. I try not to be pathetic about though:)

*I love soup. Especially creamy. or cheesy ones. The ones that are the worst for you. Why can't I just love cabbage soup or vegetables surrounded by water? I also love pasta and noodles. Yuuumm!!

*I have attended a real crawfish boil...many times in fact...and that is some of the best eating that has ever occurred in my entire life! I just can't even think about this right now.

*I used to be able to do back bends and have other girls stand on my stomach while assuming that position. I think I was 5. I could also do the splits, somersaults on the balance beam, and rotations on the uneven bars. I loved gymnastics!!! My biggest regret/wish was that I could have continued in gymnastics my entire life. oh well though, it is okay.

*I am a property manager. That is unique to all of my friends. I don't have any friends who are property managers. Well...I take that back. If you own a home you are your own property manager...so there ya go...you learn something new everyday.

*I have been pulled over by a police officer I think....hhhmmm...5 or 6 times. I have never gotten a ticket.

*Obviously I like to express myself through the written word and I think I could type for days and days...just rambling along.

*I have lost focus though and should end here.

The End.

If you would like a journal topic please feel free to use mine and tell us about your uniqueness. There are many ways to go about it. You can stick to just simple facts about your person or you can throw in random memorage or stories like ME! Just give it a try.


CwazyLawa said...

I love your journal ideas!
I laughed so hard when I read about Heather smashing your records to shreds. She was so proud! If I were you, I'd make whoever ruined my records take a discus to the face!

Katy said...

Laura... I love reading your blog. Sometimes when I blog about myself I laugh outloud... funny.. and lame, but when I read other peoples blogs I picture them laughing in at themselves also. For some reason I remember your laugh so clearly... funny.
BTW... you were a great manager at 9th grade volleyball. It was funny reading that because I am the SAME way. Remind me someday to tell you about JV Basketball... or Senior student elections... Dang Holly Keyt had the edge and I wanted to die. I would rather quit something than look stupid trying... that is why I never ran a race and always did high jump. When the track coach told me it was a req. to do 2 events in track I took up shot put... and the rest is history... I quit that because I only one once. That is when I became friends with Nate. There was nothing in track I feared more than being LAST to cross the line in a race. That is my worst fear... ever. I choose not to race. Anyway... I think comments on blogs have a word limit and I have most def. gone over mine. See ya


The Van Noys said...

what? Comments have a word limit? That means I get a big fat "F" in the Art of commenting. danggit!

Lisa said...

Laura, I just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you the "best and most frequent comment maker" award for all the comments you've been leaving on my blogs. I think I need to send you a prize soon, cause comments make me happy. :)

Casey Marie said...

Aah, Heather Holstine. My discus nemesis....and shotput.

I love your blog ideas too because I am lazy and don't think up my own. That's weird that you had a fear of failure yet you were so into drama. That was my fear, I guess. Looking stupid in front of an audience of people who drove their own cars and had to probably pay a few bucks to see me mess up.

Bradbury Trio said...

You creative girl you! That was fun reading! And I also enjoyed the discus story!! :)P-S THANKS for all your funny comments too by the way! Each one makes me laugh!! XOXO

julie said...

I'm surprised that I didn't know some of this stuff. I don't remember that about volleyball..course maybe I knew once, you know how that goes. Anyway, great blog.

munge said...

That first little item is my favorite "...it was like wearing a permanent CTR ring" That was the plan :)) It sure worked because you have always had a desire to do what is right. I admire that about you.

Tim and Laura Allen said...

I agree with Lisa. It's always nice having a comment and sometimes you are the only one. Thanks for always making my day! I had to laugh at "the Holstine" breaking your record, she was a machine! Dont feel bad though she was a tough girl, and frankly i was a little scared of her. We both had a crush on the same guy in high school and i asked him to a dance before she did. I remember being afraid she'd corner me in the locker room and beet me up!

millerandbrandi said...

Times flies...on one hand, its fun to be able to do so many great things with them, but on the other hand, I'm so sad they are growing up so fast :( Kaiden will be 7 this year!!!!!!!! And don't worry, you are creative...I'm sure you will be doing all sorts of fun things for him! By the way, how are Nate & Megan? I haven't seen them in awhile...

millerandbrandi said...

Oh...also, thanks for the nice comment!

Cheri said...

This property manager is so tired and hurting that I almost don't want it anymore. I agree that it's so fun to get comments. I'm always laughing when I'm on here and love hearing from old friends and people I have known.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Yeah more reasons to love Laura! I love your blog! it is so fun to read! And we went to the simplot games with you guys once and I just want you to know that I places third in the shotput. Yes maybe it was because they only had three people but I still placed third!

Carrie said...

i didn't know a lot of that stuff. you're a great blogger...one of the best. you can come visit me (within the next month) and have all of that southern food you love! do it, i dare you.