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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Adventures of the Alone...part 2

So the whole being alone business is great until it gets dark. Here it is 4 in the morning and I am waiting for it to get light outside so I can finally go to sleep and stop being a weeny! Pathetic I know!...really really pathetic because I live in a nice little neighborhood...and I have Carter's safety gate wedged between the back door and the wall(no one is getting in that way! I tried!) ...I am sooo tired but I just keep staying up....I am not even very nervous tonight...but I am afraid as soon as I stop keeping myself busy I will start listening to all of the creeks in the house and start letting my mind get the best of me...so I just keep moving from one project to another!

Things that have taken place since my last post:

1. I put up and decorated our Christmas Tree. I thought it would be a task best accomplished with Carter gone...then when he gets home he will have a nice surprise! It was fun because every year (on or around Thanksgiving) Josh and I give each other an ornament. So, I reminisced about the 6 Christmases we have had together....I will post pictures later and show you the tree and some of the ornaments.

2. I worked at one set of our apartments all day Monday. This was very productive and much needed!

3. While working I got a phone call from ANGIE! She was my roommate my very first year of college at BYU-I. It was good to hear from her since the last time I saw her was at my wedding over 5 years ago!! She is expecting a baby boy any day now!!! Best of Wishes for a great delivery Ang!
4. Katie and I had a movie night and watched High School Musical...I must admit I will not be joining the cult following the show has. However, Katie and I did think that it would have been awesome if our high school just broke out into song once in a while and we all danced in sync! Then Katie and I talked for a long time and it was nice to be able to just converse without being pulled away and without having a bedtime. I love my Katie!

5. I attended the school board meeting which means I can cross off one of the things off of my "to do" list for school.

6. Katie and I watched "Sons of Provo" which is a mockumentary and a "Mormon" film....I will join the cult following for that movie though....is there one? Should I start the group? Anyone want to join?....a lot of people don't much like the Mormon movies but I really do and Katie and I laughed a lot. I love Kirby Heybourne.

7. We got the Internet back today!! Thus...keeping me entertained for nameless hours on end.

8. I got Carter's Christmas all taken care of! I am done shopping for him...which was easy because we decided to only get him one gift....which I multiplied by 3 or 4....but just small little things. He has soo many toys that I was planning on going through and getting rid of before Josh got back....Josh loathes all of the toys.

9. I decided to try and find the crafty bone in my body....I am starting to think it doesn't exist. So I took a trip to the craft store and spent too much money...isn't the point of being crafty being able to make things so you don't have to spend money??!?!...see I am doing this all wrong! I am going to make my mom something that I hope turns out really special...I will post pictures if it all works out.

10. I have done 4 loads of laundry...just 4 more to go!!..scrubbed the kitchen floor, did all the dishes and went through a stack of papers...bills,junk mail, etc. We have soooo many stacks of stinking papers!! however, my efforts paid off this time! I saw a big envelope that I had ignored when I first got it a couple of weeks ago. To my delight a 10.00 bill fell out of it when I opened it! It was a survey that was sent to me and they paid me 10 bucks to fill it out! I decided that the survey was probably over by now, but since I was so happy about the compensation I filled it out and mailed it back!! It took 5 minutes...so if you look at it in a larger scale I made over like 100 bucks an hour!!

11. I write a lot...my blogs are so long...but I just don't know how to shorten them...(I guess the first step would be not to write sentences like these)

12.So...I was heading to Utah...but my bro called and said they would be coming to stay...so I stayed...but they won't be here until tomorrow! ugh! At least I will get a good nights sleep tomorrow with my brother and his fam here....my bro is a cop you know...he can kick your trash...and then taser you and then throw you behind bars...boo ya!! I dare you to mess with me! Seriously though...my brother is my favorite and I love Megan and Halle is such a bright spot in my life!

13. So...this just goes to show me I have not done hardly anything I was hoping to! I should have had at least one paper written!!! I would say I will do it tomorrow but then my bro and sis in law and Halle will be here so no chance!

14. I booked a hotel room in SLC area and I am going to go stay there on Thanksgiving and relax and maybe write a paper in the room and then wake up early the next day and go shopping and go to the movies(which I haven't done yet) or maybe somewhere else fun and eat something good....but best of all....I will get to pick up my boys late Friday night!!! I can't wait!!

Danggit....this could have been a couple pages of my school paper...what was I thinking!!...oh right I am not thinking...it is fetchin' 4:25 in the freaking a.m.!!!! GOOD Flippin Night!



Oh Laura!! You really really make me laugh!! I'm still smiling!!! I'm glad you only have one day left of this...It sounds like you got lots of things done!! I wish we lived by eachother so you could come over and help me get organized!!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your bro and enjoy your time in SLC!! Good Luck with your paper!!! HAPPY TRAILS!!! (I'm also jealous that you got to talk to ang and visit with Katie! --I love those girls!!)

julie said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I want to get things done..but most of all I want to have a girl's night and not worry about babies! Oh well..maybe someday..before we're 65. And your blog makes me laugh a lot..I miss you!