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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Wonderful Weekend

It all started on Thursday. Only half day of school for Carter. It is parent teacher conferences. The PTA asked me if I would make a soup for the teachers to eat for lunch and dinner on Thursday and Friday. I said sure because I have a delicious chicken tortilla soup in my arsenal that is so easy and so good! So Thursday morning I threw all the ingredients in the crock pot and salivated the rest of the day as the savory spices wafted through my home. 

As I waited in the hall for our turn to talk to Carter's teacher (Mrs. Copeland), I snapped this picture of Carter's leaf art. Carter had been sick with a chest cold prior to this activity coming due. So, his sweet friend lent Carter a couple of leaves to throw this masterpiece together. I think it is adorable.

Carter's teacher said she thinks he is pretty brilliant, super nice and funny, but doesn't stop talking. I told her that I understood and just the night before wondered who Carter was having a full blown conversation with while in the shower when I knew certainly well that he was all alone in there. It is almost impossible for him to be silent. His teacher seems really great. 

While at the conference my mom sent me text letting me know that she, my dad, and Halle were outside of my house and needed the code to get in. I moaned a little bit because I had every intention of cleaning before they got there. I hate inviting people into a messy house, so I usually don't. I watched a movie that afternoon instead of following through with my every intention. But I most certainly couldn't turn them away. When I got home they had unloaded and loaded my dishwasher and had cleared a bit from my counters. What a nice thing to come home to! Visits from my family are  my most favorite thing and this one was quick and short and didn't disappoint! 
My parents treated us all to dinner at MayMoes. A newish southern, cajun cuisine. It was pretty delicious. Afterwards we went to the clubhouse connected to Josh's office and hung out for a bit, working on a puzzle that the residents had going. 
My mom and I then decided to take the kids to the mall (at their urging). The mall is almost across the street, so easy to run to without much of a hassle. We went into Herberger's because my mom wanted to check out some of their shirts. We let the kids kind of wander around and Cannon was so cute leading the way. He ended up picking out a shirt that Grandma purchased for him. And I found a Melissa and Doug pirate costume on major clearance for him...only 8.00!! They are usually $30.00...so I was thrilled and that is what we plan to have him wear for Halloween. My mom found some shirts and then we wondered around the mall a bit. She purchased Carter a new XBOX 360 game at GameStop and then let Halle pick out a few things at Claire's and get a cute little box of chocolates. 
Carter actually was still feeling crummy from his chest cold, so we called it quits and headed home. 
We met back up with Josh and my dad and visited a little bit more. My Dad offered to give Josh a blessing as he would be having a root canal in the morning. Josh accepted. Then they both gave a blessing to Carter and one to Halle for the new school year. It was very sweet. Then they took off and headed to Tremonton, where they were staying the night. But we got to keep Halle! 

Friday was kind of a sick day for Carter. He didn't feel up to much which just isn't like him. So he and Halle lounged around the house and watched TV and Vine videos basically all day. I ran some errands and then took Cannon and Halle to pick out a pumpkin since Carter already had one. Halle requested Breakfast Burritos for dinner and I obliged...she even made the eggs! Good job Hal! Nate arrived at our house at about 8:30 that evening and he and I talked while I carved a pumpkin. Cannon had fun painting a rock. We all just spent the evening talking and hanging out until bedtime. 

On Saturday morning we had breakfast at the the Waffle Iron. It was good. Then we headed up to Layton, UT for a quick stop at the mall before heading to a birthday party at Boondocks in Kaysville. At the mall I wandered into a bath bombs store and got suckered in at all the colorful, wonderfully fragrant bombs...I ended up buying a tube of them and felt perfectly spoiled...I also got a Snitch key chain from Harry Potter and I love it. 

I sure love this girl!!!

Cannon being very silly at breakfast!

We met up with the Ivys for Ethan's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. They had a party table at Boondocks and the host of the party was wonderful. She made the kids balloon toys while we waited for guests to arrive. We ate some yummy food and visited. It is so awesome that the Ivys live in Utah now! When we moved from Mississippi I thought we were pretty much saying goodbye for good and then a year later they ended up moving as well. They live in South Jordan...so about 2 hours away from us so we don't see them all the time but more than we normally would and it is awesome!! Carter and Ethan have been best friends since they were 2. 

After being at Boondocks for several hours we made a quick stop into say hi to Aaron and Calene and family since they live so close to Boondocks. Then we headed back to Logan. We went straight to Takara Sushi where Nate had a table waiting for us. We met up with our second cousin, Rachelle Miller, and her husband. It was so much fun to sit and talk with them and indulge in some awesome sushi rolls. It always feels so good to get some adult conversation in and some good laughs. I left feeling refreshed. We said out goodbyes and promises of getting together again and hung out at home again until bedtime. It is really fun having Nate and Halle stay at our place. Halle and Carter get along so, so well. They also act like teenagers when they are together...a bit scary for the future. 

Sunday morning we took it easy and just hung out...ate donuts and watched "Twister". Nate and Halle took off around 11:30. We can't wait for them to come back again! Then my boys and I got ready for church...which isn't until 1:00. I know most people groan about 1:00 church but I absolutely love it!! I love being able to sleep in, snuggle in bed for a while. There is plenty of time for everyone to shower and even run a load of laundry when Carter find his church pants all crumbled in the bottom of his closet. We can eat breakfast and then even eat lunch before church. I usually have time to make cookies or dinner rolls and Josh has time to plan his lesson. I will be so sad when we switch back to 9:00 church at the new year. I want 1:00 forever!!! 

Well this is certainly long enough. But I absolutely had such a wonderful weekend that I wanted to write it down. Now...if I can figure out why all my pictures wouldn't post we will be golden!

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julie said...

Yay for good weekends! Yay for family! Yay for you and Halle being so cute! Love your blog, try it again before 2017. Really!

Oh and I love late church too. People always complain about the day being over after late church. Um...that's good! What exciting Sunday things do I not know about?!