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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Dreamed a Dream...

...that I blogged last night. That counts towards my goal right? I went to bed knowing full well that I was already about to fail at my goal before even reaching blog post #2 and I guess it bugged me enough that I dreamed I did it. I woke up thinking I totally had. I was disappointed when I realized I hadn't.

Last night ended with a headache. I don't usually get headaches so I think I have a head cold coming on. When I got Cannon to sleep I just wanted to be done myself so I asked Carter if he wanted to crawl into bed on Josh's side (Josh was still working) and we could all just hang out in bed. Carter played with my Kindle while I laid quietly waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.

Earlier in the day Cannon actually gave me some time while he napped. Lots of times he will not let me leave his side while he naps and I end up staying in bed with him his entire nap. I can't usually sleep so I spend that time reading or perusing Facebook or other sites. This time though I laid him down and he stayed there for two hours!! It was awesome. I used that time to switch laundry and clean up my living room. My house has been a total disaster. Like, if child protective services came in they would remove my children from the home, disaster. It seriously is Cannon's fault. Look at me blaming my 9 month old. But he really makes getting stuff done during the day extremely difficult. And things back up and pile up until lighting a match and watching it burn seems like the only option left...so I felt a small victory as I got my living room in order AND cooked a delicious dinner. I made Easter dinner a day late. We had ham, funeral potatoes, and broccoli. It was delicious. Carter scarfed it and Cannon sat in his high chair making "yum yum" noises as he ate lots and lots. Both of my boys are good eaters.

Carter watched Cannon in the bath tub while Josh helped me make our bed. Then Josh headed back to do some more work and I scooted Carter off to go shower while I finished up with Cannon. Then we all went to bed and lived happily ever after.

And guess what...right now Cannon is asleep on the couch and there is a lady in my house CLEANING my bathrooms!! I did something I  have never done before and hired someone to come in and clean. Why didn't I do this years ago?? Now if I can just find someone to come and make us Paleo dinners every night without charging much, life would be perfect:)

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