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Sunday, June 16, 2013

From Fantasy to Reality Part 2

 The battleship in Mobile Bay...means we are headed in the right direction to Florida!

We spent the whole day in the car. Time was passed by playing games, watching DVDs, listening to music, and talking and telling stories. We tend to be very easy-going and relaxed travelers. We don't rush and stop often to stretch our legs and get a boost of energy. I can't remember what time it was but we finally made it to Cocoa Beach, Florida and began looking for a hotel. I had researched hotels in the area before leaving but I could not ever commit to one online. I had to get there first and see which one was closest to the port. I wanted to be as close as we could so that Josh could drop me at the post in the morning and drive the car back to park and take a shuttle over. We could have done that at any hotel but I wanted his trips to be short too. After touring the area from a minute and grabbing late dinner from the ever incredible Micky D's we checked into the Country Inn and Suites. 

It was a decent hotel and the room was clean and the proximity to the port can't be beat. 
 We stayed here on the 6th and 7th.

 They have a pretty decent complimentary breakfast. 

 The pool area was great too. We spent some time in the pool on the 7th just relaxing before the big day.

 For lunch on the 7th we went over to the port and ate at Fish Lips. I had read a lot of trip reports from other travelers and they all gave Fish Lips good reviews and commented that you could watch the ships sail in and out of port. 

 It is imperative in my family to include as many food pictures as possible in reports....so you will see lots of food pics.  
 Carter had chicken nuggets and they were good. 
 Josh had none other than his customary cheeseburger and it was decent.
 I had the lobster rolls and sweet potato fries. People had raved about these so I had to try.
I thought they were ok. I would much rather just eat lobster vs. lobster mixed with mayo and celery. So they were just "meh"
for me. But overall it was a nice atmosphere and a decent lunch but nothing to rave about. :)

We ran around Cocoa Beach on the 7th getting last minute items we needed. I even decided to get a flu shot that day. We visited the beach but I did not get a picture and then spent the rest of the day hanging out at the hotel and pool. 

That night we had dinner at Zachary's Family Restaurant. We knew nothing about it except that is was fairly close to the hotel. come to find out it was a Greek Restaurant. I am surprised I do not have pictures but I think Josh and I both had Gyros. They were very good. Josh and I are always fans of a good gyro:) I am sure Carter had a burger or nuggets...you know...typical kid food. 

While we were there a huge thunderstorm ripped through. Super loud thunder and lightning and massive amount of rain. So much so that the power went out and we were in the dark for a while. We thought we would sit and wait the rain out but it seemed like it was never going to end. So we made a run for it and got soaked but made it back to the hotel. We packed all of our bags back up to get ready for the big day tomorrow!

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julie said...

I like reading about all of this. You know how to travel. I need to travel with you. Just let you make all the decisions and follow along.

Also, Carter's eyes are amazing. Some girl someday is going to get lost in them. Actually, many a girl. They are gorgeous!