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Friday, January 4, 2013

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Well I am definitely 30...it is official...how you ask? Well, because, today is the day I was born. One of those things you can't avoid. I keep wondering how this is possible when all of my aunts and uncles are 30 years old and I still feel like I just want to sit on my mom's couch while she makes me dinner and does my laundry. I am definitely not mature enough to be 30. I keep wondering if my mind will ever feel as old as the year I am? I will let you know if that happens.

Flirty? Yeah right. That is a joke. I am so socially awkward the prospect of being flirty is near impossible. I usually avoid eye contact with other people at all costs...so conversation? Not happening. Then comes along a person totally opposite of me and reaffirms my awkwardness. Case in point...Christmas Eve. I had ran to the local Chinese Restaurant to pick up our grub for the special occasion. As I sat and waited I intently focused on my phone. Like most people these days right? Have you sat in a waiting room lately and looked around? Everyone's neck in bent down, hovered over some sort of electrical device, thus making it that much easier to remain socially inept. Anyway, a guy came in and ordered his dinner and sat down across from me to wait. Although all of my body language signaled "recluse" and gave no vibe of wanting to be talked to, he persisted. He was so smooth with his opener, "so did you order a big holiday dinner?" I paused longer than necessary trying to seem aloof, "oh, huh, me? oh yeah actually...I ordered 3 different things...watch out! We are going crazy tonight!". "Oh yeah, I like their food, have you tried the other Chinese restaurant across town?" "Yeah" "I don't like them as much, have tried Kublai Kahn in Southaven?" "Yes, I have. I really like it." At this point I was wondering if he was going to ask me if I had tried every single Asian restaurant this side of the Mississippi because that is obviously something we have in common, Asian food, might as well beat the subject to death. I also kept trying to escape back to my phone after answering each question but he was not having it. He kept the conversation going for the 15  minutes I waited. When the lady had my order packed I jumped up and basically ran out of the restaurant BUT I did say "Merry Christmas!" to Mr. Chatterton before escaping to the safety of my car. I get some sort of point for that right? Phew! Hopefully I won't have to encounter another conversation like that for a few months. There is only so much one can take. Next time I will call ahead so my order is ready when I get there. And if you see me in the store and I act like I have no clue you exist, it is not you, it is me. But I will totally chat you up on Facebook. We can definitely be best Facebook friends.

Thriving? We will see, after all the year just started. But really, I am! I cannot deny how much I have to be grateful for! I actually don't sit on my mom's couch all day because I have my own! And I do my laundry with my awesome washer and dryer and I not only feed myself dinner but usually my husband and son benefit as well. I've got this! I admit I have been a bit weary of turning 30. I have liked being in my 20s because people would always say..."oh girl, you are still in your 20s! You are a baby still and have so much time!" That was always nice to hear...having so much time ahead of someone feels good, no pressure. Pretty sure that stops as soon as you 30. Now you are supposed to be successful and accomplished...well...will have to settle for average and somewhat mediocre. haha because  I have realized I lack the ambition and drive necessary to be amazing. But average is good! I can do average.

This New Year has been a different one. I usually get excited and sentimental when the New Year rolls around and I go crazy setting amazing goals (but I don't achieve them because I am only average remember?) But this year I did not have a chance to focus on any of that much. Being pregnant has been the biggest surprise of the year and was totally unexpected...so my one goal this year is to just get this baby here safe and sound and to be ready for it AND to do it while making Carter feel included and excited about it. That is my only goal this year. After the baby comes, okay like 18 months later, then maybe I can start focusing on other things;)

So Happy Birthday to you and to me and here's to being Thirty, un-flirty, and Thriving!!


John and Anna said...

Welcome to the 30 club! :) I have to say that the morning of my 30th Birthday I was pretty grumpy. And the week immediately following I felt like my metabolism,and the rest of my mind and body had all decided to quit on me. But.... It's been a few more months now and everything seems back to normal. I feel older wiser and I've decided 30 really isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. :) I hope it treats you good. You deserve it!

Lisa said...


You make me smile. Happy late birthday and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I recently forgot my phone at home and had to wait somewhere with NOTHING to look busy about. That was awkward.

Amy S said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Also congrats on your pregnancy!! How very exciting for your family. We will keep you and little nugget in our prayers. :)