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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Fyi...

I posted my talk on the pioneers below. I actually wrote it in Blogger because I don't have Word on my laptop...so I thought I would share in case anyone wants to read it...but yes, it is looooong. I was supposed to try and speak for a good chunk of time...I think it came out to 18-20 minutes. I also tried to link back to my sources and apologize if there is one I missed. I am pleased with how it turned out. (oh and sorry about all the font changes...Blogger has a mind of its own.)

For a while now I have considered starting a new blog where I can keep all my church stuff and also have others contribute to it...but just haven't yet. Anyone reading this...would you contribute lesson ideas, activities, talks, etc. if I opened a blog like that?? or should I scrap that idea?

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Shane and Amy Jo said...

Booya!!!! Thanks for posting your talk. Perfect since I leave on trek in 4 days (panic is setting in). It's beautiful. Thanks.
Oh...and I would love to follow a church resource blog but no promises for contributing. I'm a little afraid of commitment!