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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cheesecake Filled Strawberries

Easiest thing ever and they were a hit. Seriously...they were loved...moaned over. 

Step 1: Mix this...if you want to be all Molly Homemaker you can make your own cheesecake filling. ;)

Step #2: Hull the washed strawberries (also known as cutting the tops and middles out)  
Step#3: (Blogger will not allow me to type this next to the appropriate picture) Fill the hole you made with the cheesecake filling and have it overflow some.

Step #4: Dip the filled strawberry's top in the graham
cracker crust from the box
 (do not prepare the crust with butter...just use the crumbs right from the package) If you decided being Molly was your best option today then crush your own graham crackers or you can also dip in slivered almonds or other nuts, chocolate crushed or syrup, sprinkles, etc.

Place on serving tray and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. EASY! DELICIOUS!

Note: You can also do this but use chocolate filling instead of cheesecake...sounds amazing to me.


Jennifer said...

The title of this post alone had my mouth watering! YUM.

Jennifer said...

p.s. In every recipe you post, I think you should include alternate instructions for Mollies like me. ;)

My Shopping Genie said...

This reciept is so easy even for a non cooker like me

des said...

YUMMY> you should post it to the delicioso blog. are you on that one? I can add you...I'll send you an invite and if you want to be apart of the blog you can click the link...if you don't don't worry about it. I can post the recipe when I make them. they look SO good. can't wait.

Us Bailey's said...

Okay -- that looks way way way too too good! That is definitely going on my to do list of treats! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and hope your talk went good!