Raining Petals

Monday, June 27, 2011

Three Good Things From Today...And Yesterday

1. Just got home from seeing Cars 2 with my boys. We loved it. Carter and I stayed home all day so it was nice to get out of the house!

2. Talked to Mister Page yesterday (when Carter was two he called her "Mister" because she was a sister missionary) and found out she is coming to visit...Hoo-Ray!

3. Got a tad bit more of the reunion planning done. Last minute? The only way I do things.

Today I Am Thankful for: *Atrion...he is sooooo sweet and melts my heart.
                                        *Julie...I called her for a split second today and talking to her on the phone            always makes me happy.
                                        *Josh...who came right home from working today, showered immediately, and then got right back in the car to go to the movie with us. Things are always funnest when he is there.
(These are in no particular order mind you) 


julie said...


Casey Marie said...

I wonder if Atrion would sit through a movie now? Do you think he is old enough?
Atrion is pretty sweet and loveable. Except for when he is grumpy, then he is grumpy and loveable.

Us Bailey's said...

I want to go see Cars 2 too!!! Was it good? Glad you had fun! Good luck planning that reunion!