Raining Petals

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Three Good Things From Today

*Today marked one week of NO SODA. Though it was not terribly difficult...I wanted it. I thought of it. I realized when I came home and had to pour a glass of ice cold soda and sit and de-stress that it had become a bad thing. I am not saying I will never drink soda again...but for now. No.

*Got groceries for the next week. My next goal is absolutely NO eating out at all next week. We are busy...we are always on the go somewhere so eating out has become very common. I have never been one to plan ahead and pack lunches or snacks to take with us wherever we go...but now I will need to learn how to do that. We spend way tooooo much money at restaurants. Time to fix that. I am not saying I will never eat out again...but for now. No.

*Made a Goodwill run...which means 4 extra big garbage bags of clothes are no longer in my house.

Today I am thankful for: *My sister Casey  *Dove Raspberry Chocolate  *Church...looking forward to tomorrow.


Casey Marie said...

Aaaaaaaw. I am thankful for you too. I love you guys.Good job with no soda.

julie said...

I was gone all weekend so just got a chance to see this. This is such a wonderful idea. It's journaling, it's positive...I want to steal it. Also, funny how I still learn things about you. I thought we were done with that. :) I didn't know you ever drank soda. Did you in Poky? I don't ever remember seeing it. 'Cept for the occasional get togethers. Maybe it's a Mississippi heat thing? Maybe I'm just not observant? Either way, good work!

*LaUrA* said...

I did not really drink soda until maybe the last year. I think it has been more of a social thing...EVERYONE down here always has a coke (or beer) in their hand. It is at every party or get together I attend...anyways. i became addicted. I love the burn of the carbonation (which is weird seeing as how I hated it in High School)and of course the sugar rush.

Anyhow...the past few months I got really bad at having it daily. As you are well aware of...it is not something good to have daily. So now it has been over a week without it..yay!

Us Bailey's said...

Good job!!! You always motivate me Laura!