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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Recap

I swear I just wrote this same post for 2009. Never has a year passed more quickly and smoothly as 2010 did. In fact, I had every intention of setting New Year's resolutions in 2010 and blogging about them...then before I could write them down Christmas had come and now the year has ended. It is one of those moments where I am seriously baffled, left with my jaw hanging open and wondering how this is even possible. Well...I saw the ball drop, so I guess it is official.

Like I said...2010 was almost perfect. A bump in the road...not even really my bump...not even my road...but it affected my travel nonetheless. That is the only thing I can think back on as being unwanted. Really, I couldn't be more grateful for the year my little family had. We made great leaps and bounds in our financial goals which feels pretty amazing. That is probably what I will remember 2010 for. Realizing we have made some good decisions and have been blessed with opportunities. Knowing the Lord is mindful of our efforts. Knowing a path is being laid out. It leaves me feeling very optimistic and excited for the future. But, also cautious and cognizant that trials do happen and we may experience very different times than the one we just had. I just hope not:) haha.

We did not travel as much this year but enjoyed a couple trips down south to Mobile and Southern Mississippi to visit family. Spring Break offered excitement when my mom, brother, and sister came this way. We enjoyed time at the beach and just loved being together.

In July I kept (somewhat) my promise of making Josh's 30th birthday memorable. While I had all intentions of making the day huge and mind blowing (ha!)...it turned out to be rather calm and easy going...but not without an adventure mind you. I surprised Josh by packing us all in the car and heading north. I did not tell Josh where we were going until we were well on our way down the road. I let him guess and he did figure it out! We made our way to Nauvoo. This is a place we had both been wanting to see and had never been. While it was way different than what I had been imagining all along, it was a fantastic trip. It left me wanting to read every book about the place and the history of the Saints. I have yet to read one though?

From there we drove back to St. Louis at stayed in the Hyatt as close to the arch as one can stay. It was the 4th of July and I thought it would be great to watch the fireworks explode under the arch. It was great! It was jam packed with people...but the proximity of tour hotel made it stress free and easy. The B-52s performed before the show and I heard them sing "Love Shack" live! haha...it kind of makes me laugh. The fireworks were great...but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with them. I had really high expectations because it is a big city for one...and one of the nation's landmarks for the other. I expected perfection...but they were just good. :) Still so much fun though. St. Louis is a great city. The next day we took Carter to the Children's Museum there and it was a blast.

On June 6th Carter turned 4 and had a ROCKIN' birthday party if you remember. So much fun! He, too, has made leaps and bounds in all aspects of his development and the only trace of baby left in him is when I will look at his hands and recognize them from when he was born. I think the first thing I saw when Carter was born was his big hand. They still have the tiniest bit of chub on them and I like to hold them. I miss baby Carter. He was so sweet. But I love my big boy Carter...he is sweet too. Growing up is just a bittersweet thing.

On August 9th we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. My mom came down for a couple of days after attending school in Ohio before she headed back to Idaho. It was so great to have her here. She took Carter for 2 nights and let Josh and I have the first overnighter we have had together for over 2 years. Can I say it was MUCH NEEDED!! It is rare to get consecutive hours with just the two of us and it is so refreshing when it happens! Thanks mom! We then spent  a couple of great days in the company of my mom. I hate we live so far away!

In August I was called in to the Relief Society presidency. This is the first time I have been in a presidency since I graduated Young Women's. We have moved so much and I have never been given the opportunity to serve in any major callings. While it seems to be one of those unwritten rules to pretend to hate getting big callings and joke about how horrible it is...I was actually really excited and I have been very grateful for the opportunity. This has forced me straight out of my shell and put me right in front of all of the ladies...a place I never put myself. I look forward to what the year holds in our Relief Society.

Shortly after Josh was bumped from 2nd counselor in the Young Men's to President. Working with the youth is far more time consuming than the adults. Josh has a camp out every single month to attend...not to mention activities every Wednesday night. So his free time is far and few between but he is perfect in his calling and always gives 456%. Everyone knows this and goes to Josh when they need someone to step up to the job. I am proud of him.

We enjoyed a quick Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas and St. George. I got to see Josh's family for the first time in 3 years and we had a great time. We drove...thought we were crazy for thinking of it...but it went so well...so smoothly. AND...all without a DVD player! Josh has THE best family. I could not ask for better in-laws. I loved, loved being with them and only wish we could have stayed for another week or two...heck...I would live there! :)

Christmas was great and spent at our little home with our little family. We have been playing the Wii ever since Santa dropped it off at our house.

There a million small things that make up one big year that I can't even recall them all right now. But I am so grateful for such a great 2010 and can only hope and pray that 2011 is even better! I often will be going about my day and all of the sudden just smile at the awareness of my happy life. I love my boys. l love that we might do things out of the ordinary and unconventional at times...but we do it! And it works! We are happy! We get along so well and enjoy spending our free minutes/hours together. Josh and I are in sync and have the same goals and want the same things for our life and our future together. We look forward to it with enthusiasm.

What do all the cheesy boards hanging in Mormon homes say? "Come What May and Love It"?..."Grow Old With Me The Best is Yet to Be"? "Live, Laugh, Love"? "Simplify"? "All Because Two People Fell in Love"? "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"?...yes, I think that sounds nice. I will take every cheesy bit of it!

Happy New Year! May 2011 be simply amazing for each of you!


Brandi said...

Laura, you are darling! This post was awesome...so refreshing and nice to hear. I hope you have an awesome 2011 too, you deserve it!

Us Bailey's said...

What a great 2010! Makes you kinda excited to see what the new year is going to bring huh?! Good luck!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

You are just so dang likeable!!! I love how positive you are and how you embrace your life and those around you. I want you to be my neighbor! Hope 2011 is just as good. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura you never fail to amaze me with your writings and ponderings. You do amazing things & are not afraid to follow your dream. Glad I know you.
Love, Grammy Kathy

Bradbury Bunch said...

Awesome recap post! That's great you made it to Nauvoo. I want to go back-such an amazing place! I believe the next road trip on your to do list is uh....PHILADELPHIA! I'm telling you our cheesesteaks are. to. die. for. How much fun would we have. Let's be serious...

P-S Please read my blog tonight, and please participate. I would love to see your 12 on the 12th! :) Even if you do it on the 13th or 14th.....

Lisa said...

I loved reading this post too - so happy! Nauvoo is one of my favorite places too. You managed to make Josh's 30th birthday WAY more exciting than I did for Peter. :) Here's to a big bang for 40!

Becky said...

That sounds like an awesome year! Hopefully this year we'll come see you, no promises but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!