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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

 The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

St. Jude's is awesome! I am sure many of you have seen the benefits and ads on TV from celebrities asking you to support St. Jude's...well...I am no Jennifer Anniston or Marlo Thomas but I, too, am asking for you to participate in the amazing-ness that is St. Jude's. Located in Memphis, TN I will be visiting the hospital in January to deliver items necessary to bettering the lives of the children and their families who are patients there. St. Jude relies on donations and volunteers to to keep programs functioning and supplies available. And remember, it is not just a local hospital. St. Jude benefits children from all over the country...your donations could very well benefit someone from your own community.

Though many items are needed I am gathering items for entertainment purposes. Imagine spending all your days in the hospital...how grateful you would be for things to take your mind off your illness and provide moments of pleasure.

If you are so sick and have to stay in bed...what is one of the only things you can do? ...sleep yes...but watching movies helps pass the time and can even bring laughs and smiles amidst the suffering.

Please send NEW RELEASE DVDS for children and teens.
     **Must be wrapped in original packaging. No used movies please.
     ** Ratings G, PG, and PG-13 only. I would shoot for the first two.
     **Dupilcate DVDs are just fine...one patient might want to watch a movie
         in their room, while another patient would like the exact same movie
         in their room.
     ** There are lots of 5.00 dvds at walmart and target
          ** Disney...of course is always a hit
          **don't forget Hannah Montana,The Suite Life, Wizards..etc
              Phineas and Ferb
          ** Nick Jr...Dora, Diego, Wonderpets, Wow Wow Wubzy, etc
          ** Nick...Spongebob, iCarly, Zoey 101
          **Any DVDs not taken by St. Jude's will be delievered to a local shelter or children's
              home. All donations will be appreciated by someone!!!

Next, I am gathering supplies to put together crafts projects. The children do crafts daily and are always looking for new projects. 
                           ** Gallon Zip-Lock Bags...any brand with the "zip"
                           ** Stickers...ANY KIND
                           ** Crayons...the smaller boxes are easiest.
                           ** Colored pencils...the smaller count boxes are perfect
                           ** Markers...again the same thing..smaller count are perfect
                           ** Popsicle sticks
                           ** Foam pieces and stickers
                           ** Construction Paper or Card Stock...all colors and sizes
                           ** Beads & Jewels (for necklaces and bracelets)
                           ** Safety Scissors (in original packaging only)
                           ** String, Wire, Small rope
                           ** Paint brushes all sizes
                           ** Watercolors in original packaging
                           ** Glue Sticks
                           ** Anything Scrapbooking
                           ** Any of the Crayola packs...the special markers and paper,
                                craft packs, etc.

St. Jude's does not take Play-Doh, glitter, food items such as noodles or beans...but local shelters and homes will if that is something you want to send.

**NOTE** Oriental Trading.com has craft packs and you can find them at amazingly low prices. Remember I am delivering in January so make them appropriate for that time of year...Valentine's Day would be a great them. Go through Ebates.com first and you will get cash back on your purchase!

Please send all items to:

E-mail me for the shipping address. :)

Questions? Email me at lauravannoy@gmail.com

If you can help in anyway...large or small please do!! I know some are not in a position to donate expensively...but even if you can just put a packet of stickers in an envelope and send them it will be so appreciated! Many of these items can be found at the dollar stores...so you don't have to buy name brand or spend a ton.

I would just be beyond thrilled if everyone who reads this can send at least ONE thing! I will be taking pictures of the process and share with you in January the delivery. Be a part of it with me! I want all my friends there with me!

Thanks in advance! Love you all!



Levi and Amanda said...

So we have until January?? Please, please, please email in a week and remind me to do this! This can be our Christmas donation this year but I need to remember to do it. I get so distracted these days, I hardly remember to call my kids by the correct names :-)

*LaUrA* said...

Yep...I would like to have everything gathered by January 10th. Thanks Amanda!!!!...and don't worry...I will remind you!:)

Brandi said...

as a mom who has had a sick child be in a hospital room unable to leave the room for an entire 7 days. We have used some of the activities. I really want to donate to your cause. Email me your address. Mattnbrandi@msn.com thanks for doing this! You have such a big, giving heart!