Raining Petals

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

This song has been in my head all day. I don't know why...it is neither Monday nor is it rainy.  While these two things get Karen down and she has nothing to do but frown, I on the other hand, quite love both of them. And if a Monday just happens to be a rainy day, you might say that is a hole-in-one for me. This winning combination usually calls for staying in pajamas and reading, watching movies, or playing board games all day. It also usually means a reprieve from the brutal temperatures we endure (barely) during the summer. We have been at 118 degrees more days than I wish to think about and with the humidity...it was all we could do to muster up enough oomph to walk the 4 steps to the car and go from one air conditioned place to another. Nothing drains the energy faster from my body than the heat of the blaring sun.

I am looking forward to Fall temperatures...they just come way later here. We are still in the 90s right now. Not one good thing can be said about 90 degree temperatures. I won't say much about the 80s either. But 75 will get rave reviews from me. And walking outside at night to find a cool breeze and temp. of 58 degrees is just pure joy. In October we should be able to start enjoying the great outdoors again and picnic in the park a little bit before the ice storms come in December/January. My fantasy is living in a place where you go from Fall to Spring to Fall to Spring. Northern Mississippi's weather is what will eventually drive me completely mad and out of the state for good. After this summer we have had I am pretty darn close.

On Mondays (are we still talking about this?), when many are updating their Facebook statuses with loathing and pleas for a longer weekend, I am excited and looking forward to a week of being able to do whatever I want. I love Mondays. I love knowing I have 6 full days ahead of me to play and plan adventures. I owe this enthusiasm to a job that let's me plan my own schedule and a 4 year-old that really has become my best little buddy and enjoys going on many of the same adventures I do.

Our weeks are filled with trips to the library and to rummage through the Goodwill Outlet (yes, Goodwill has an outlet...weird) toy bins. Carter and I like to search for little treasures. We usually don't find much. Probably because many people have made it their full time job to sit in Goodwill and wait for something worthwhile to come out the back and the grab it up before anyone else can. Seriously...people are in there the ENTIRE day! Nothing anyone will throw away is worth me hanging out there the entire day. Especially because I immediately get itchy and feel the immense need to wash my hands as soon as I step foot in the place. Despite just describing the opposite, it is fun to go into once a week and see what we can find.We go shopping and Carter tells me what looks beautiful on me and exclaims over the jewelry we are looking at. We like to go to the Children's Museum in Memphis and when it is cooler we will spend more afternoons at the zoo. Memphis has a fantastic zoo.

Currently I am busy planning two parties. I am having a "witch party" with girlfriends in October and also hosting a street dance/Halloween party for all our tenants at the end of October. I guess being released from my calling as "Ward Activity Leader" put the wind back into my sails for party planning. haha. No worries, now I get to plan activities for Relief Society as 2nd counselor in the presidency. I have been in the calling for a couple months now and can truly say I like it. I have been in the ward for 2 years now and do not know the names of half of the sisters who are there every Sunday. So this will be good for me. I am being forced out of my shell and I am thankful for the outlet. I was failing at doing it myself. I have more to post on the calling later. I say that often I know.

Well...I came to quickly post an update. I stayed true to myself by rambling on for paragraphs. I have so many things to post and pictures galore but just have had no desire. It easy for me to just get on here and type but when it comes to editing and uploading pictures...it is a different story. But here is just a little update of what our present days are like. I am not just saying it when I say "I love my life". It is all truth. My life is simply splendid and I am enjoying my days even though they blow right past me at lightning speeds (how the heck is it September already?! I seriously am baffled). I have a spectacular husband, a son that makes my heart smile, and friends that text me just to ask where I am at and what I am doing. Yep, life is good. (even if it does make for a long boring post;)

(and my apologies...I have to leave right now and have no time to go back and read through this...so if none of it makes sense just nod your head and act like you know what I am talking about)


Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Goodwill has an Outlet? Holy Cow, I need to move!

Happy Weekend!


Bradbury Bunch said...

Adventures in La La Land~LOVE IT! None of your posts are boring-that's why I love visiting! You write so well--I'm still peer pressuring that you need to write a book someday my dear. :)

It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who has "anti blogging" moods. I'm still posting our family vaca that happened a month ago because I have to be in the mood to blog and that mood has to be either at night or during nap time-so I don't neglect the children like I have been guilty of in the past. It helps me to know it's not a waste of time--that it's family memories being documented, and I KNOW the girls will look back and love to read it. So that keeps me going.

I have a hard time with Facebook just because I don't see the point. It's fun to catch up with people and see pictures but I have to time myself on there or otherwise 2 hours go by and I did nothing except drool over the friend who just got back from Hawaii, or see the girl I graduated with that still has no fat on her body! :) And I have to laugh out loud with the status's that say, "RIGHT NOW I'M PLAYING CATCH WITH MY SON!" LOL Okay...now I"m rambling....sorry! You didn't even talk about facebook!!! I guess my point was blogging (I think) is more "constructive" than facebook. What is your opinion???? Is there something I'm missing in facebook??

Looks like you guys are quite the party animals over there! I want to be in your R.S. now so I can party with you! :) I was released from that calling a year ago--it's the perfect calling for you since you love hosting!!

Carter's BIRTHDAY PARTY ROCKED! Everything looked awesome--you can tell he was having the time of his life in the pictures.

Blog On! Party On! ROCK ON!

"Good night LA LA" YOU ARE LOVED!!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

You in Relief Society serving those sistes is PERFECT! You will be awesome. Oh...and I still need to respond back about that dang class reunion!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely La La Lue...I like your title better...but that just popped in my head. My friend finds such good things at the Goodwill. I don't dig enough or look past the junk, just come away feeling itchy too and taking two toddlers there makes me want to tie them up and hang them from the flag pole.

Liz said...

*Nod, nod.* Just kidding.
I love callings in RS. I'm the secretary at the moment, and it's so fun. I hope you enjoy it!
And I like how positive you are about Mondays. I'm going to try to be more like you next week. :-)

Casey Marie said...

"Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are NEEAAR?"
Sorry, you got me on a Carpenters kick now and every song has been replaying in my head in the past few minutes.
I like your posts. They are light and easy going and fun to read. Which is why I haven't blogged for awhile. I feel like all my posts are heavy and dull. Blech. But I sympathize with the "Just don't wanna" attitude about blogging. It's been too long and I need to, but I just don't wanna.

Anonymous said...

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