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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Turn To You...

...once again my friends. My question to you is...

What would you do at a "Witch Party"?

I am excited about this party. It is going to be epic:) I am gathering decorations (Goodwill is a goldmine once I open my mind and allow for creativity to take over...which for me is harder than one might imagine. It is actually REALLY hard for me to think "outside the box") Yesterday I found some awesome potion jars and green glass vases that will work perfectly along with two bags of spider webs. I am still annoyed though at the "lingerers" I call them. I wasn't joking when I said they are there ALL DAY!...and they pounce! I have no chance against them and must wait on the sidelines until they have finished and moved on, leaving me to sift through the rejected pieces. (see footnote)

I have one major aspect of the party that will take up a good chunk of time. I can't tell you what it is because it is a surprise. Now I am brainstorming and trying to come up with fun little time fillers so everyone isn't just standing around. This is where I want your help and creativity. Here are some of the aspects of the party...

1st and Only Rule: Witches Only! So you must come dressed for the part.  

(I am having the party at the church. This will allow for days ahead of time to set-up and and an extra day to clean up before Sunday...plus loads of space.)

Ideas: Make Caramel or Candy Apples
          Play a couple rounds of Bunco or BINGO
          Have a card making table set-up and make a card or two to take home
          Fly around the hallways on our brooms
          Cackle contest
          I seriously want to make up a dance to a short song and film us...I just don't know how many people    would go along with it...and I don't know how to choreograph.  
          I am trying to think up a "spell casting" game. Where 2 witches are up against each other and the first to cast a spell stronger than the other stays up and duels against a new witch. Does anyone know if a game like this already exists??? 
          Pumpkin Painting ...thinking of getting a bunch of little pumpkins to paint and take home.
          Pin the Nose on the Witch...or something like that. Adult Women like to play games like this too right??
          Make each witch stand up and say "Poppies" like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. 

So sit down in your thinking chair and think, THink, THINK!  I would love some input! I have found lots of good ideas for food and decorations online...but if you have some good and EASY ones let me know! It doesn't just have to be "witchy"...anything Halloween-y will be great! 

And Check this out...at least I know I have cute invitations if all else fails. Courtesy of The Good Frau.  
 She is freaking amazing. Seriously.

This is the Footnote: The Goodwill I am talking about is the Goodwill Outlet. Basically they roll out these great big blue bins on wheels filled to the brim in no organized fashion. They bring them out all throughout the day. The only way to know when they will bring a new bin out is if the employees come and take one of the bins already on the floor into the backroom. That is when all the "lingerers" ears perk up and they walk sprint to the empty spot. The employees bringing the new bin out basically have to beat the people off with a stick until it is put in place and they say "okay have at it". I even heard one employee yesterday congratulating the lingerers on being good little boys and girls and waiting until the new bin was in place before attacking. Seriously, you would think that pile of used, smelly shoes was a pile of gold coins the way they go at it. Maybe they know something I don't. 

So there you have it. I thought it might be a little confusing if one was thinking I was shopping at a "normal" Goodwill. We have one of those too. That one has nice shelves and clothing racks and sell their used merchandise for more than I can get it at Wal-Mart. I walk through the store and try not to be too vocal as I exclaim how ridiculous it is that they are trying to sell a used blender for $20.00 when I can buy a new one at Wal-Mart for equal or lesser value. I can't figure out who they get to pay their prices? Probably my tenants.


Us Bailey's said...

Those are adorable invitations! And what a fun idea. It makes me wish I lived a lot closer :)! A site that might help is familyfun.go.com and then search for halloween games. I don't know what they have but I get ideas from them all the time. Good luck with your party!

Jennifer said...

Wow, I don't have any input, but I am full of all sorts of admiration at your party planning skills!

Levi and Amanda said...

LOVE the invites! You couldn't pay me enough to hang out at the goodwill outlet and fight off the lingerers; I'm getting freaked out just reading about it! Another cute/cheap decoration--but fancyish candle holders or candleabras and spray paint the entire thing black. Makes for cute "creepy" decorations.

des said...

That is SO fun. so fun. can I come. haha. and the invitations are awesome.

Becky said...

Am I invited? Sounds bewitching!

John and Anna said...

Yeah, I have nothing to add to the creativity that seems to flow from you freely! I wish I lived closer so I could come to that amazing party you are planning! You impress me! :)

Casey Marie said...

Curses! YOu need to get that game. It is perfect and its hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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