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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Introducing Rock Star Carter Van Noy: Some Details

I had to record this story. One day Carter went over to his friend, Ethan's house. Later Ethan's mom, Brenda texted me and told me she overheard a funny conversation between the two boys. She said Carter was talking to Ethan about his upcoming rock star party and gave Ethan some important instructions. He told Ethan, "At my party I am going to go in the closet. Then when all the people are there you are going to announce 'Introducing Rock Star Carter Van Noy!!!!' and then I will run out from closet". (something along those lines) It made me giggle and I had no clue Carter had that vision in mind. So...at the party we put him behind a door and I announced, "Introducing Rock Star Carter Van Noy!!!" and everyone was cheering and screaming and blowing their party horns while Carter ran out to the stage. Oh man you could see it on his face...he WAS a Rock Star.

He ran up on to the stage and I pressed play on the CD player and Party in the USA was belted out by the ever talented Kidz Bop crew. (Carter claims it is his favorite song any time he hears it...but also claims to hate girl singers...such a battle boys/men have to fight in life) As soon as he hit the stage he busted out in dance moves. I was seriously floored and totally impressed by him. I really just had no idea. It was hilarious. He was so in the zone and living the little fantasy in his head. It was so great.

Then whoever wanted to join him came up and danced with him. The kids were so fun to watch and kept me giggling.

Each child got an inflatable guitar and microphone they used to rock out with. The kids did use them throughout the whole party and those were their party gifts, along with the pinata winnings, to take home.

After they danced for about 40 minutes(I think)...(and some kids opted to watch or play in other areas during the dancing which is totally okay) we then gathered and sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake and ice cream. After that we opened presents and then we did the Pinata. After, that the kids had an hour of free time. Most of the younger kids played in the bounce house the majority of time while the older kids (we had a group of boys from 10-12 yrs) played laser tag. Mini Golf also took place. If the kids had coins they played the games. I gave some of the kids a few coins but I was mistaken when I thought each child would get coins as part of the birthday package...so the parents had to dish out for that.

It was sooo much fun and I would definitely recommend this theme to anyone...girls or boys. The dancing and singing was a hit but just realize there will be kids who are more comfortable watching. I liked the Kidz Bop CD because I knew I wouldn't have to worry about questionable lyrics.

The guitar cake was just for Carter and I ordered cupcakes with music notes on them for everyone else.

Okay... Just wanted to record a few details for people who come to this post when searching for "Rock Star" b-day party ideas.

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