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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Introducing Rock Star Carter Van Noy!!!!

It is about time I get this posted. Lately it takes soooooooo long to upload pictures that I kept putting it off.

Carter's birthday party was a success and he can be quoted as saying, "That was the most awesomest birthday party ever!" Mission Accomplished. I was so busy playing host that I was a very sporadic picture taker and regret that I do not have a picture of the whole birthday party gang or of our little family because we all 3 dressed as Rock Stars...Josh was pretty hard core.

Above: A shot of the venue "The Fun Junction" .This is the eating area. You can see some games in the background. That is all I got. I wish I would have taken pictures of Carter playing games and golf...ah well.
Below: The spread...Rock star style. I let Carter pick all his favorite candies from the candy aisle. We had Skittles and M&Ms and Rolos. We had Cheeto Puffs and Goldfish. Grapes, Strawberries, and Blueberries. Cheese and Crackers and Pepperoni. Carrots, Broccoli, and Cauliflower with dip. Then the Fun Junction made us pizzas.

Above: The Pinata aftermath. I packed that thing full so everyone came away with a goodie bag full of treat.
Below: Samurai Jay. This is how the pinata cracked and it made the perfect helmet. It was pretty funny when I turned around and saw this. Cracked me up. Carter LOVES Jay and he is such a good babysitter.

PRESENTS!!! Carter was spoiled and got lots of fun things. He played with this microphone for like 3 days straight all day. It records your voice and he loved recording and listening to his voice....even at midnight.

Check out Carter's AWESOME cake! Brenda Ivy, Carter's best friend Ethan's mom, made this for Carter. It was perfect! Carter was thrilled. I didn't want to cut it up. I wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall. Thanks Brenda...it really was perfect!

Above: L to R. Ethan, Camdyn, Charly Kate, Carter, and Shelby. The 3 little girls had some major moves! They were quite the little divas! Ethan is Carter's best bud and he asks if he can come play every single day...a couple of times a day.

The Rock n Rolling! These are the only kids who felt comfortable enough to dance in front of everyone. Lots of kids were content to sit in the audience and watch and clap along and sing into their microphones at the tables. I just put in a Kidz Bop CD and let them have a blast. They spent a good 40 minutes rockin' out.

The one picture I got of the bounce house. Lots of time was spent in here by all the kids. So much fun! Lots of laughing and squealing and red cheeks and sweaty faces.

It was so much fun. After we did presents and cake I finally got to sit down for the last hour and chat with the adults while the kids ran wild for the last hour. To me it was just the perfect place to have it and it turned out so well. Josh said I went a little overboard...and I always do. I could have skipped out on most things...like decorations, pinata, all the food and just let the Fun Junction take care of it all...but I had a vision in my head that I had to fulfill. I do think I will do more simple things for the next few year and maybe do any big party when he turns 7 or 8. But all the work and planning was definitely worth it and Carter had a blast. He had a good attitude the whole time and never had any break downs...phew!

In total we had 17 kids show up. Way more than I expected! It was great.

Thank you to all who came and for the gifts but mostly for making Carter feel like a Rock Star and truly special on his big day!


Casey Marie said...

Oh my goodness!! That is the best birthday party ever! I love that Carter had a whole vision of being a rockstar, that is so cool (cute). That cake is awesome too. I wish I could make a cake like that. I also love the sign with the records on it. Good work! My favorite though is that they danced for 4o minutes. That is just so sweet.

Becky said...

You're a rocking awesome mom! I can't believe how big Carter is and his face changes every time I see a new picture of him!

Katie and Dustin said...

You always knew how to throw a party-looks like you did a great job and Carter had a lot of fun!!! Rock out!!!!