Raining Petals

Thursday, March 4, 2010


The water ripples, wakes my mind
Diving through the jumbled vine
Soft embers still glowing, warmth
Subtle climbing, disappearing through the trees
Arm under head
Inhaling fresh, new breath
Not yet
Not ready
Cocooned content
Songs of life echo off the hills
My soul smiling back
allowing me to drift… for just a moment longer.

So I decided I needed to try to be more creative in my mind, challenging myself to try new things. Once I write something like this down I feel very vulnerable sharing it. You could think I am completely stupid. I am not overly affected if you do...but a little:). It is a bit scary to post something to be viewed by so many people. Completely different from writing blog posts...this is actually "trying" to create something...rather than just blurbing quickly about life...like I usually do. Although I did write this quickly with limited editing just to see what I had...I believe everyone has a poem waiting inside..try it...just quickly jot out a few lines...I think it is fun...but that could just be me:)

I am not phishing for you to tell me things that are not true...but I am wondering what you think when you read this...what imagery is conjured in your mind? Can you take a moment and post...indulge me. What do you think this poem is about? I want to see how close some people come...and how different of an experience this might be for a reader than the actual experience was for me. Thanks in advance for participating with me! Please! :)


Liz said...

I think of swimming to the surface of a mossy, tree-filled lake. The "embers" to me are streaks of sunlight; the "new breath" is just that, a breath of air when you hit the surface; and I think the cocooned comfort is about not really wanting to come out of the water yet, just reveling in the calm of the lake and wanting to drift a little longer before life comes and demands your time and attention again. Like when you take some time to be alone, and you aren't quite ready to face your responsibilities yet. Just need a little more time to drift.
I liked it. Truly. I think I might give it a shot myself. ;-)

julie said...

I thought of you nestled in bed and not wanting to come out into the real world quite yet and drifting in dream land where you have those images you describe.

Don't be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed just interpreting because I've always had a hard time "getting" poetry and it always testifies how weak my brain is. Keep going.

Jennifer said...

I like it!

Casey Marie said...

The main theme I got from this is contentedness vs potential. I think it has more to do with motivation and working towards goals. But that is probably because that's what I am dealing with.

There is so much life and energy in this poem and then at the end it makes me want to curl up and go to sleep and not utilize that energy from the first part of it.

This was way awesome. I love it!

Emily said...

I am really horrible at poetry. But it sounded deep (meaningful) and very dream like. I read over it like four times trying to really figure out what it meant. Now I am not eloquent but I think it means being comfortable in your life but wanting to break out of your comfort-zone and stretch your wings to see what you can really become...? I don't know but I think you are really amazing and I won't even know where to start with writing a poem.

Emily said...

okay, so I didn't want to read anyone's comments and interpretations because I knew it would sway mine but I really loved Liz's interpretation. I'm loving the poem in a whole new way.

Anonymous said...

I thought, um, oh a poem. I am not much for English, but I will try to interpret. It was a butterfly coming out into the spring air. Im a deep thinker huh :) I don't know really. But I did like it. Made me feel springy. I am so glad we are all different and can be ourselves. I like your poem and you, just the way you are. Keep being creative.

Us Bailey's said...

Hi Laura! I'm impressed! I wish I could write poetry at all - but I'll enjoy yours instead. I think poetry has a different meaning for different people depending on what experiences they are having. For me your poem reminded me of the peace and contentment that comes, albeit not very often, during motherhood. But, that's just to me.

Shelby said...

I love the imagery of this. To me, it feels like it's about new life. A baby being ready to be born, or maybe setting off on a new adventure? I really like it!

I also had to write my comment down first so that I wouldn't see what others had written, and then I went back and read the other comments. It's funny that we all interpret it differently, but I can also see their viewpoint. I'm interested to see what it meant to you as you were writing it!

Kristin said...

I first thought of someone that is dreaming in a magical place.... and then I read it again and it sounded more like a new life. But I loved it!! It was seriously great! I wish I could write half as good... I would like to hear more! :)

Bradbury Bunch said...

Beautiful Laurita! I really like it. It makes me think of waterfalls and relaxing by one all alone.

The only poems I write start with Roses are Red...so please share more!! :)

Lara said...

I thought you were writing a poem from Bella's perspective in Twilight. And I'm not a Twi-hard, either. I never even finished the books. But this poem made me think that for sure that's what it was about.. is there a right or wrong?