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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Memorable Moments 2009 Remix

Okay...so I got behind and then my moments got all scrambled...so I decided to follow suit and do a rundown in an organized manner. I wish I would have done this every year since I learned how to write...it is fun to look back and remember.

So here goes:

January: *Turned 26...not all that excited. :)
*Took a trip to Destin, Florida, played on the beach, took fun pictures
* Visited Grandma Helen in Mobile, AL
*Attacked by my appendix

February: *pretty much suffering from a severe butcher job by my doc. the entire month
*my Mom comes to save the day for a week...and boy was she MORE than welcome
*Grandma comes to save the day as well...wish she could have stayed longer, love her.

March: *Still recovering...bleck!
*Family come to visit during Spring Break! Yipee! We eat awesome BBQ and go to the
zoo....cry when they leave.

April/May *Get an awesome deal on plane tickets and fly across the country to visit my family
because Spring Break was not nearly long enough.
*drive the good 'ol van back across the country to Mississippi
*Pit stop in St. Louis to see the Arch...it was awesome.
*Have a little get away to Tunica.

June: *Carter turns 3! We celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese!
*Work, play, visit the library and park often
*Get caught in moving Limbo and end up squatting in our office.

July: *Josh turns 29!
*I fly across the country again to be with Casey when she has her baby
*Witness childbirth...it is awesome.
*Ride a train back across the country to my dearly missed boys
*Carter is POTTY TRAINED! Thanks Josh!

August: *Celebrate 7 years of marriage! Woot!
*Take a trip across Tennessee to the Smokey Mountains
*Visit Dollyworld and Splash Country...SO MUCH FUN!
*Drive in the mountains...take pictures...beautiful.
*go to a billion time share presentations...almost got suckered in..but we
came out alive and checkbooks untouched...got free meals and tickets

September: *Go to the Delta County Fair...have lots of fun
*Pack us up and move me and Carter to American Falls, Idaho to learn
the Tax Credit System and Yardi Accounting Software.
*Drive across the country yet again..this time taking the southern route.
*Pit stop in Albuquerque to visit the Science Museum (Carter's fav. part of the
trip...he still asks to go to Albuquerque)
*I learn how to spell Albuquerque.
*Another pit stop...Grand Canyon...or as Carter calls it "The Big Hole" It is
still amazing...or even more so than the last time I saw it...oh 21 years ago.
*Make it to St. George and spend a few days with Gma DeAnn (Josh's mom)
**note I love St. George and just might want to settle there**
*Continue on and make it to Twin Falls where we spend a few days with my fam.
* Move-in to my awesome...HUGE...apt. in American Falls. Start working...
...Josh flys home.

October: *Learn that I really can be a Mom all by myself...and I am actually pretty good at
it! ha!
* Make lots of new discoveries about myself, my abilities, and am proud I do know
how to function on my own.
*Also realize I really, really love my husband (not that I didn't know...but absence
really does make the heart grow fonder)
*Discover American Falls...realize I love tiny towns...discover the fun library.
*Casey, Cody, and Atrion move in with me. Love having them around.
*Josh flies back for the week. Decides to take Carter back with him...rips my heart
out when they both leave me for 3 weeks!
*Before they leave though we have a little fam. reunion in Albion and go through the
haunted mansions....SO MUCH FUN being together for the night! Peed my pants a
*Dress up as a vampire with Casey for Halloween. Go to a spook alley in A.F. that is
seriously AWESOME and so well done...the best I have ever been too...loved it!
*missed my boys and missed trick or treating with Carter...seriously bummed!

November: *Work
*Read lots and enjoy my freedom and down time, hang out lots with Casey
and Atrion.
*The boys come back for a couple days but then drive to Vegas to be with
Josh's family for Thanksgiving.
*I need to stay close to property so I join my family in Twin for Thanksgiving...
the yummiest dinner was served!
*Had extended family get together...good to see everyone!
* Josh and Carter come back...we spend a couple weeks in A.F. getting loose ends
tied up and getting Cody ready to take over the property.

December: *Packed up again and headed to Twin to spend a few days and say a bunch of
*Headed out across the country again.
*Pit Stop in Moab and visit the Arches National Park...NEAT!
*Another stop in Amarillo, TX to visit the Children's museum there. Fun!
*Make it back to Memphis/Mississippi...actually happy to be back!
*Guess what...still living in the office! Can you believe that!
*Get a hotel in downtown Memphis for Christmas Eve and Christmas.
*Enjoy our time together, swim, watch movies, veg, open gifts
*Now here it is 11:39 pm on New Year's Eve and both of my boys are snoring...
who says we don't have an exciting life;)!

2009 was a great year despite my medical troubles. Carter grew and changed a lot and I am just loving the little boy he is! Josh and I grew closer together and realized we actually did not do too shabby on some of our goals...while other goals are going back on the list in hopes of getting them accomplished. We got to see a lot of new places and revisit others. We are seriously so blessed...for real! I am so excited for a new year...a fresh start! I can't wait to see what lies ahead and accomplish a bunch of things on my list! I pray 201o will be an amazing year for you all.

Happy New Year!


Shane and Amy Jo said...

Happy New Year Laura! Wow, lots of cross-country for you this year. And you even made it sound fun...something I might want to try!!! Hope you guys had a great New Years. Oh...and I so like you too! :)

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year, Laura!!!

Casey Marie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a crazy year its been. YOu have gone to a lot of places and seen many things. Awesome!

Bradbury Bunch said...

LOVE how you posted the memories month by month! I can't tell you enough how WONDERFUL you are and how I'm so HAPPY YOU'RE STILL BLOGGING!! nEVER eND my friend!!! You make me smile Laurita! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We were ALL out by 11:00 last night--so who knows which one of us were snoring! :) LOL

P-S THANK YOU by the way for the you know what! I love you more than you'll ever know!!! Thanks for all the smiles you give me!!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Wow, what a year it has been! Always filled with ups and downs but the ups usually always overshadow the downs. Hope you had a great New years celebration!

Katie and Dustin said...

Wow you had a busy year. Sounds like lots of fun!!! We need to travel together someday and go everywhere. Well HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow. I hope it is a great birthday!!!!

Katie and Dustin said...
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Kristin said...

Wow you did go a lot of places! You had a crazy year I would say! I am glad you and Josh are back together now and that you don't have to be apart!! And Happy Birthday... yesterday!! I hope it was a good day for you.... and that all of your wildest dreams came true!! Love ya!!

Kacy said...

Wow! What a Year! Lots of fun trips. Why didn't we get together...I am just in Pocatello? Hum. Sometime we should, I guess next time you are around. I am glad you had such a fun year....besides almost dying...that wasn't so great :) Hope this next year is EVEN BETTER!

By the way I am too lazy to log out of Kacy's account....this is Ashley.

Kari said...

Such a good idea to recap like that!

It sounds like you had an awesome year, minus the first 3 months of nasty surgery/recovery. I love that you guys travel so much, it makes me want to get out more.