Raining Petals

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memorable Moments 2009 #3 and #4

I need to get cracking on these..only a few more days before the new year!



Rocked my world. I was butchered. Should have sued and made millions. Didn't. Oh well.

#4...Riding from Salt Lake City to Chicago then on to Memphis on the Train!!! So...I meant to blog about this when it happened, just like a million other things. But I had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again and take Josh and Carter with me. It is definitely longer...a lot longer than flying. But for me, much more comfy. It was fun to see the country's landscape going by. The best part was pulling into Chicago. Union Station is right at the center of the city and I walked out of the building and right into a big, busy city. I was not expecting it. I must say...I like Chicago a whole lot better in the summer. Last time I was there was in blistering, cold March and I did not get such a good impression of it. Josh and I have decided it will be a really fun get away to hop on the train and have it take us right to the center of Chicago...hang out for a few days and then head back. So...I am thinking late Spring for that.

I had my own private room from SLC to Chicago...that is the way to go! I could lay down to sleep and shut my door and have privacy. You also get top service when you ride first class. They will deliver your meals to you, clean up after, turn down and make your bed, give you free newspapers and water. The part that made it worth it for me was getting to wait in the 1st class lounge in Chicago. I was there for 3-4 hours before catching my train to Memphis. The difference between the lounge and waiting out in the public area...VAST! I was almost crying with all the people stuffed together...no place to sit at all...no place to walk...it was a ZOO! Then I realized I got to wait in the lounge! The lounge was peaceful, quiet and relaxing. Free drinks and snacks. Fluffy couches. TV, computers, private restrooms, etc.

From Chicago to Memphis I rode coach. That isn't bad either...you just have to deal with lots of other people around you...same as flying...But the seats are bigger and recline further back and also have foot rests. You can also walk between all the cars, go to the dining cart, or observation cart, or visit one of the many bathrooms...so there is a lot of space to walk around when you get restless. I think it would be so much fun to have friends or family with you. You could play games, watch movies, and look at all the States you are zooming through. Pretty neat indeed.

I did not have my camera with me on this trip...sniff.


Emily - Good Frau said...

This really makes me want to take a cross-country trip by train! I bet we would love that, actually. Dave and I both hate flying, but his family is all out East. Maybe saving up vacation and taking the train is the way to do it.

Sorry about your appendix. That's no fun, and I only like things that are fun.

Ashley and Dave said...

So... why did you take the train? I am confused. Dont get me wrong, it sounds like a lot of fun but I am just curious. Was it cheaper?

*LaUrA* said...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley...you can't give up on wordy posts...I explained this all in a previous post and my only guess is that you saw it was long and abandoned ship:) But I still love you!

I HATE flying...and I was getting all anxious and nervous to fly back and just could not go get back on the plane. So I took the train home instead. It is not cheaper than flying...riding coach is similar in price...but usually you can get a flight cheaper. But for less stress and anxiety the extra was worth it for me:)

julie said...

yes, I want to go to now..how fun! Ashley makes me laugh! hahaha! Anyway, someday, sometime, let's take a train trip together.

Us Bailey's said...

That train ride sounds like great fun. I have a little boy who is always saying "ride choo choo now" I think it would be fun to watch everything go by and seeing some things you probably never get to see. What a fun memory - can't wait to see what numbers 1 and 2 are in your memorable moments! Merry Christmas!

Casey Marie said...

I really want to go on a train trip. I am scared to death to fly now, what with all the crashes and terrorists about. Too bad I can't take a train to Italy.

Anonymous said...

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