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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Speaking Words of Wisdom...Let it Be

I just read this on my friend Amy's blog who read it on her friend's blog and thought many of you might need to hear this as well. I sure need it...and I will need it tomorrow...and the next day and the next. Carter is being particularly challenging lately and at times I start to pity myself and start apologizing to everyone about my son being 3 years old and acting like it. In the back of mind of course I know that Carter is my greatest blessing but I need to bring that to the forefront more often and start treating him like our Father would treat him. I need to stop saying things like..."when he is grown I will finally be able to do this"..."when he just starts school then things will get easier"...etc...why do I keep wishing my greatest blessing away? None of things I think I want to do "when he is grown" are anywhere near the importance of raising my son...nothing will be a greater accomplishment than enduring as a family...a happy one...a loving one...nothing. I do have to give myself some credit though and say that we do have amazing days and I love him more than life....but I need to work harder at turning those frowns upside down whenever they appear. So read on folks...read on!

How do you think of your children? On any given day, would you say your children are a blessing or a burden? Here is a challenge to you…How are you?”…“How is the baby?”…“How are your kids?”… We all hear these questions every day. Do you know a mom who always answers something like this: “Well, I haven’t killed my 2-year-old yet, so I guess that’s good.” Or, “I’m just exhausted,” or, “Things are absolutely crazy – I am so stressed out!”
Maybe that frazzled, haggard, bewildered mommy is someone you know. Maybe it’s you. I know I’ve been there. Here is my question to you today… are we bearing our blessings as burdens? Those babies that we dreamt of and prayed for, that we had so much fun choosing names for, that we counted the days to meet… are they burdens to us now? Those homes that we were ecstatic to move into… are they burdens now? That husband that we couldn’t live without, that we picked out the wedding dress for, that we cried and ached and waited by the phone for… is he a burden now? That job you needed, you wanted and prayed for, that provides food and clothing for your family… is it a burden now?Sometimes it seems to me like a mantle we as moms must carry. We must be tired, we must be stressed out; we must be harried and frazzled, we must be lucky just to make it through the day. Are we bearing our blessings as burdens? Are we tired? Absolutely.
As moms, we know about the 2 a.m. feedings, the nightmares, the wet beds, the midnight curfews. Do things get a little stressful between PTA meetings, dance class, the T-ball game, and dinner on the table at 6? Sure they do. Are husbands always a joy when they get home from work? No way. Is scrubbing the potty, doing the laundry, and cleaning the high chair tray the greatest thrill we’ve ever known? Of course not.
So how do we look past the burdens and see the blessings of our families and our homes? Do you know any women who would give anything to have a baby to nurse at 2 a.m.? Anyone who would love to have those clothes we are sick of washing, or that house we just can’t keep clean. Do you know any women whose husbands aren’t coming home?
I challenge you to joy, to smile, to persevere. I challenge you to bear your burdens as blessings and watch as they multiply. And the next time someone asks you how you are, throw off that identity of stressed out, frazzled mommy, find your smile and answer, “I am blessed!”

Thanks Amy for sharing! I am Blessed! If any of you want to post this...post on folks...post on!


Liz said...

I've really felt the weirdness of that "stressed-out mommy" image lately. I've discovered that I feel like I need to say that to other moms sometimes because to say how happy I am would be bragging or something. How dumb is that? And I think we use the common tiredness and stress as a way to bond, but really, it can drag you down. Why complain when there are so many other things to be happy about?
I have some people close to me who really would do anything to have a baby to feed in the wee hours. I think about that a lot. And really, there are so many who need the luxuries we take for granted. We are so blessed.
Thanks for posting this! You're right, we all need these kinds of reminders, and often.

Amy S said...

Laura, you put exactly as I was thinking. I just couldn't express it in words as well as you did. I too am often apologizing for Kallon just being a boy. Oh being a mom. It is just good to know I am not the only one feeling this way. You still need to plan a trip this way, it would be so fun:)

Emily is a good frau said...

I loved this, too! I saw this on another friend's blog a couple weeks ago, and it really is so perfectly put. We need to always remember how blessed we are to be mothers. There are people who would do anything to be in our shoes (You know! I know! We've been there, right?). Can I tell you a secret? I'm not a stressed out mother. Maybe I am too laid back, but I'm not stressed out (knock on wood).

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON!!!!! You always make me stop & think. By the way, raising grandkids is sooooo much easier than raising kids. At the end of the day WE get to sleep at night.
Enjoy your blessing.
Love, Grammy Kathy

The Bowman Family said...

Thanks for posting!

Jason, Amanda, Brayden and Dillon said...

One more reason why you can't stop blogging....thanks for making my day, I really am blessed :)

Shelby said...

I love this--thanks so much for sharing it!

The Bowman Family said...

I've been thinking & feeling this way lately. I printed this and put it on my fridge so I'll be reminded of how blessed we are everyday. Thanks again!

Casey Marie said...

I guess I have just realized why people think I am crazy when they ask how Iam doing and I "Great!". So many people are weighed down by the tiredness, the stress, and the overall craziness of life that to be grateful for it seems insane in itself.
I have my bad days, but no matter what happens in my day, I love my little one. I love my husband. I love life. I love my job.

Dixie said...

I'll have to remember this when this baby comes and I'm the one up at 2am feeding that precious little soul. Thanks for sharing:)

Katie and Dustin said...

Laura i love you blog my favorite is the Halloween music and decorations I can always count on you to bring in the Holiday i love it. I hope you are doing well. How is Idaho - i miss it. I'll be home for Christmas will you be around?
I love Carter's costume. He is so cute. Talk to ya sooooooon!!!