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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came...like 6 months ago!

So how late can one post possibly be? Since I am making a book I hate to leave out anything I have pictures of. So here ya go!

Looking snazzy in his new Easter suit. I wish I would have taken some good pics outside or something...oh well...he looked so sharp!

The Saturday preceding Easter Sunday, a local church sponsored a big egg hunt in the park...complete with face painting. Carter picked a baseball and was so proud of his new body art that he walked with his left cheek jutting out.

Here he is waiting for the whistle to sound so he could begin collecting eggs.It was not a "hunt" by any means...for his age group they threw a bunch of eggs out onto the tennis court. Carter was so sweet and would just pick up the eggs and hand them to other kids. The kids would look at him like he was crazy before snatching the egg out of his hands.

Even with his giving heart he still came away with a full basket! Check out his loot!

After the egg hunt there was a parade on the main drag. It was a celebratory send off for our local troops who were being deployed. It was very nice and patriotic. I am grateful for the soldiers who are serving our country.

Waving our flags to show support!
We had a great holiday weekend together with just our little family. We did get invited over to dinner on Sunday by some members from our ward...so I lucked out of cooking again! Happy Easter everyone! :)


Michael and Julie said...

i made it with photoshop. i'm kind of a nerd like that! it was pretty easy. maybe you could even use microsoft paint *gasp!

Lacy said...

We're supposed to have the meaning of Easter in our hearts all year round right? So you post is right on time :) The little guy is cute and oh so grown-up-hansome.

I really like the fully skirted ladies holding the flags.

julie said...

I cannot believe how old he looks..6 months ago!! That means he's a complete grown-up now!

You should post about Valentine's Day next.

Jen said...

I love all your latest titles--playing catch up, are we?