Raining Petals

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sardis Lake April 2009

I am trying to catch up and get all of my photos posted so that I can start taking new ones. These pictures are from our very first camping trip since before Carter was born.

Why is my text underlined??

Anyhow...don't know how I completely missed taking a picture of the acutal camping site but here are some at the lake. It was still off season so no one else was there. There were some boats out there...but I imagine this place is a lot more hopping in the summer. We were actually pretty miserable during the night...it got pretty cold which we weren't expecting. We had planned on staying a couple nights but cut the trip short. We will have to try again soon...it doesn't get cold at night anymore. I also have a hard time thinking camping is fun with just the 3 of us...I feel like I need all my family and friends there to sit around and chat with. I will have to try to be more creative and create our own fun. Anyhow...enjoy the pictures.


Casey Marie said...

Wow, Laura. Those are some awesome pictures!
I love the picture of Carter where his face is practically in the sand. He is just so cute and I miss him to pieces.

K said...

Love those last two shots!

Cristina said...

I just can't believe that kid. He is the cutest little boy EVER! I can't believe how big he is. The last time I saw him, he was teeny-tiny!

I miss you, woman! How the heck are you guys?! If you ever need to get away.... you can always come visit me in Florida for a few days!!! I'm just sayin'.....


Dixie & Markus said...

Beautiful pictures, Laura! You've got a great eye.

Bradbury Family said...

Ummmm...have you ever thought about going into photography? THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!! What a beautiful place, and you sure have one handsome boy!! I would kiss him right now if I could!!! XOXO