Raining Petals

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Look Nickita...a picture of me like you requested!

Josh made this and had many admirers pass by and stare at it. A group of ladies even stopped and put their hand prints all around it and took a group picture.

I LOVE this picture because he has his little under bite in it. When Carter was a baby he had a major under bite and his mouth hung open a lot with his bottom lip jutted out...thus we often called him "Bubba Gump"...today the "Bubba" has stuck. Nowadays he only has an under bite on occasion...sometimes he smiles straight...other times not...anyhow I love this little imperfection about him!

More attempts at "creative" capturing. I do not think I am professional by any means...but I quite like a lot of the images I was able to capture. (keep in mind I have the cheapest camera from Shokpo...89.00 special)

Swimming in the big bath tub!

Carter made a friend in Florida! He was kind of cold and uninteresting though. All he ever wanted to do was play golf.

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back! It is so nice to get away together and not have to worry about or do anything at all!


Casey Marie said...

OOOOH I am so glad you posted! These are great pictures! I love the one where Carter's running around and his diaper is showing. So cute! I miss the little bug. Also, he has a hint of a Casey nose. :) I love his little underbite. I used to call him Ludo. I miss that big lip!

Ashley said...

These are some rally cute pictures...you did a really great job. I have thought about going to school for photography, but then I feel like a will be required to take pictures vs. just doing it because I want to. Make sense? probably not.
Kins has the exact same under bite as Carter- had it worse as a baby, and now just sometimes. I love it.

Shelby said...

I think you got some great pictures! Weren't you worried that giant bird was going to take off with Carter?


Christine said...

I love your pictures! I'm so glad you had such a great time. I think I want a vacation.

Cheri said...

That beach looks so nice! We've been stuck in an inverted fog now for like 2 weeks and it's starting to get to me, and I LOVE fog and dreary days. I guess that two weeks of not seeing sunlight is my limit. I wish I could go on vacation right about now.

Bradbury Trio said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! Those pictures are...BEAUTIFUL, PRICELESS, PERFECT, AMAZING, BRILLIANT, I COULD GO ON AND ON!! Photography School is not necessary for you my dear friend!

Carter is one handsome dude with the cutest smile and handsomest eyelashes! Please squeeze him for me!! I hope I meet him in person someday!!

I need to take writing in the sand lessons from you! My sand pictures never come out good, and thanks for posting a picture of you--you cheeseball! :) LOL

I love the beach and can't say it enough! I hope you had a moment of silence for your freezing friends! I'm just glad you had such a memorable time!

Cassie said...

Your husband looks like a famous country singer. I can't think of his name right now though. Dang it!

Dixie & Markus said...

I think those photos are gorgeous! nice work! Your little man is adorable!