Raining Petals

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Most Beautiful Quilt in the World

There once was a girl named Nicke
She could make a quilt in quickie
It was pretty and pink and sewn very neat
I got it for a price that couldn't be beat!
Nickie donated it to an auction with proceeds for the needy (well actually the YM/YW but still)
She could have kept it but she isn't greedy.
So I went to the auction and yelled out a bid
And I won and took it home...yes I did!

**I wanted to somehow add something about a squid but it didn't work so well.

It only took me took me half a year to take a picture and post it for Nicke....but it has finally happened...now what are we going to have to talk about Nicke?;) You are very talented and this quilt is beautiful and I can't wait to have a little girl to wrap in it! I paid 25.00 but I would have paid more if someone would have outbid me (luckily the auction was ending and people were leaving and I snuck and took this one and no one was brave enough to outbid me!) So...start a page dedicated to quilting and put up your prices and start making money!!!


**nicke said...

oooohhhhhh!!!! how i love you! don't worry, we will still have tons of stuff to talk about! first, how awesome you are to post this! it really is a beautiful quilt, if i do say so myself... second, you are seriously hillarious!!! and i loved the poem. i am going to link to your post from my blog... you are the best!!!

Shelby said...

This is beautiful--and only $25?!!! You practically stole it! What a great deal!

Bradbury Trio said...

That really is a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I'm still working on my levi quilt (it's been 4 years now...I'm at the tying part!) So what is Nicke's ###? She should start a hotline for us!!

I love the part about you now needing a little girl to wrap it in...that gives me all sorts of butterflies, just because she would be so adorable!!! A little Laurita running around....awwww.....

Brandi said...

I love the quilt! How pretty.

ashley said...

that is a really cute quilts...I love the colors!

LindsayAnn said...

I would have so out bid you for that quilt if I were there!