Raining Petals

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disney Store Sale!

Hey! I just wanted to let whoever may be interested know that the Disney Store is having an awesome sale right now. I know a lot of you have little Disney fans and this is a sale that would make Christmas shopping really easy! All of their regular size stuffed characters are only 8.00...they are regularly 14.50 and their figurine sets are 8.00 as well...they are regularly 12.50. I wanted to buy one of everything! I let Carter pick out what he liked and he went for a stuffed Buzz Lightyear...he loves the Toy Story characters but will not watch the movie because he is scared of Sid and the creepy toys he makes.

Oh...and their Halloween costumes are 40% off too.

I think Disney owes me.


Us Bailey's said...

I will have to look -- thanks for the tip (not that Joel needs any more toys!!!)

Alli said...

Yeah I got your stickers and some from Cheri. Thats why I mailed them with the stickers.. I wondered how many people would do it. It was a good idea but I think people find it inconvienent... Prego picks are embrassing. I steer clear of the camera as much as possible. I may put one up for a short time but I will probably delete it..

Peterson Family said...

I'm going to check that out!
I totally remember you Laura! That is so cool you are in Ashford too! How do you like your first class? I actually really like it, they have been having problems with Blackboard this last week and a half and it's driving me nuts! Other than that I really like it. What are you getting your degree in? I'm in Social Science, so many of the classes are really interesting.