Raining Petals

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Red Church. I went to Vacation Bible School with a neighbor girl there once. I am sure it has been refurbished some.

This was my Great-Grandma's house before she passed away. It is a little dilapidated now and doesn't look the same to me at all. But I do remember that tree out front very well. We climb in and up and around that tree often.

We left Picayune and are on our way to Mobile, AL. We took the scenic route so that I could see the gulf of Mexico. They are still recovering from Katrina...and then on top of that Gustav caused a bit more clean-up. It is not the same place down there at all! It is quite devastating. Last time I was there was the summer right before I was senior in High School and it was sooo beautiful. So many old, spacious houses and big beautiful trees. Now there is a lot of empty lots and torn down house...but they are rebuilding. And the coast is still beautiful! The beaches were all closed though so we did not get out...even though many people ignore the signs and were out having a good time.

Finally!! Great-Grandma and Carter bug meet! That is my grandma...my mom's mom. We really enjoyed our visit with her and I am so glad Carter had a grandma back for a while...he is quite fond of anybody with a "grand" in front in their name.

Here is our little traveler. He did so good the entire time we were in the car. He looked around and sang songs and then watched movies on the DVD player. Just as long as we could fill his sippy cup and suppply him with some snacks then he is good to go!

There is no way to explain how childhood memories make you feel. But going back to the small...typical southern town is always almost magical for me! It just holds alot of special memories and will always be a place I love!


Jennifer Dunn said...

I can't imagine how long it took you to post all of those pictures! My Disneyland photos took me forever to upload! But I'm glad you did...it's fun to see the places you remember as a young girl.

julie said...

I'm not gonna lie..it sucks to read your purple blog! Thank heavens for highlighting. But I do love the pictures, and it makes me want to come see everything in person!

Leah said...

Wow! Isn't it crazy how much times can change a place. I'm glad you got to revisit a part of your history!