Raining Petals

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nate played t-ball here. Did he play soccer too? Anyways...we were here a lot watching games. A boy from Nathan's team actually went on to play pro basketball. Nate...you will have to remind me of his name.

The above picture is what I remember about recess. I don't think we had playground equipment. And I couldn't find any this time either. Poor kids. But I remember I had good teacher and if I hadn't been so shy and a mama's girl and a cry baby for the first half of the year it would have been a blast!Our school was an "open air" school for the most part. The hallways are outside. The above picture is a small building with a few classroom where I went to Kindergarten. I think Nate went to Kindergarten and 1st grade in there too...then moved to a different hall for 2nd.

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