Raining Petals

Friday, September 5, 2008


My friend Shelby tagged me and I am more than happy to oblige! By the way, you should click on her site and look at these fun shoes she sells and at how good she is at taking pictures! Anyways, I was tagged to blog about 6 things that make me quirky...easy.

1. I refuse to ride in the car with other people besides my family. I haven't always been this way but I will pretty much start freaking out if I have to ride with someone or if someone asks me for a ride. So just let me take my own freaking car already...people make the biggest deal out this sometimes.

2. Whenever we go out to eat or I order something there is a 98% chance the order will be messed up...I never get what I ask for until the 2nd...or sometimes 3rd time. Ask Josh...he will vouch for that...and often if we are in a hurry or low on patience Josh will not let me utter a word because he knows all too well and he will do the ordering....he always gets what he wants.

3. I just asked Josh what makes me quirky and he said I am always subconsciously covering my stomach by either always tugging at my clothing, putting pillows or some other object on top of me while I am sitting or carrying my bag/purse so it covers (a portion) of it...tis true...I have always been that way...I remember running around the bases in softball and tugging at my shirt because I didn't want it plastered against my belly. ugh.

4. I say stupid things and tell unfunny (but I thought they were witty at the time) comments...often.

5. I can't think right now...I thought I would fill this list up fast...I do have more quirks but just don't want to talk about some of my obvious ones. Oh...I have to have an escape wherever I am...if I feel like I am stuck or trapped or that it would be discouraged or awkward for me to get up and walk out of somewhere...then I avoid that somewhere at all costs. I always sit by the door on an aisle.

6. ummm...I check blogspot like a billion times a day to see if anyone has updated. Get a life? No thanks, I would much rather read about yours. ;)

I don't mind getting tagged...but I hesitate to tag others because some people have such an adverse reaction to it...hhmmmm I feel safe with Nickie, Liz, Casey, and Angie. If you don't want to, fine by me chicas.


Shelby said...

bwahaahahahaa! "Get a life? No thanks, I would much rather read about yours. ;)" Oh my heck--that's funny!

Thanks for mentioning my photos--that was sweet of you. I thought this was a fun tag to do. It's nice to know that I'm not the only crazy one!

Casey Marie said...

aah quirks.
You're hilarious and especially even more hilarious when you think you are but actually aren't and are just laughing all by yourself. That makes me laugh.

Jennifer Dunn said...

Funny blog! I love it!

Alli said...

I love it. Number six was the best.
I never talk to Josh about what I have read on the blogs because I don't really think it is worth wasting my breath but I had too after reading yours. Does that even make sense.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I also hate riding with anyone else but my family. Except my friend Terri. I trust her because I am so much a worse driver than anyone. I don't mind people riding with me though....
I also hate driving with someone else in the mountains or around curves with drop offs. I would seriously rather get out and walk. Ask Lynn. He thinks I'm nuts. By the way I love to read other peoples blogs because I do not have one. I would comment on more but I am just anonymous and cannot comment on some of them like my daughter-in-laws, who is by the way your sister. Ha Ha.
Grammy Kathy W.

LindsayAnn said...

Laura, Isn't this blogging thing amazing(I'm a newbie). I'm finding friends from way back when that I thought I'd lost contact with forever. It was so nice to read up on you and your family.

ashley said...

I thought I was a weirdie....

Haha, just kidding. I am actually used to the car thing because my mom is the same way. Well actually she gets anxious in cars with other people and gets sick. So, I am not going to lie- sometimes it is annoying, but I am used to it. SO you wont get any huff from me...that is if we ever see eachother again?!
Hmmm...since you didnt tag me, I will add on some of my weird quirks. Let me think. I am still afraid of the dark and can only be in a pitch black room when I am going to bed next to dave. If he is working nights, the nightlight goes on. THe sad truth.

Hmmm...maybe I am more normal than I originally thought because I cant think of any more...but that is just probably because my quirks are normal to me.

Oh, I just thought of some more...I mumble and talk really fast so lots of time people cant understand me, which is really annoying but I have gotten used to repeating myself.

Also, when I am giving speeches or talks (I think it is when I am nervous) I talk out of the side of my mouth. I hate this. I realized this when we had to video tape ourselves in speech class...needless to say, I rewatched it and was like "what the crap am I doing with my mouth, I look like an idiot."

Are those quirks?

*LaUrA* said...

hahah Ashley...I remember you talking out the side of your mouth! But to me it makes me you so I love it!..yes those are quirks! Good ones!