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Saturday, August 16, 2008

VOTE for CARTER...and Liam!


So friends...could ya do me a favor?? could ya? huh huh?

Julie and I have entered our boys into the Parents Magazine photo contest. Julie's pictures of Liam are adorable! I, unfortunately, do not have any "professional" pics of Carter that have been taken after Jan. 2008(which is a rule)...so I had to settle for mediocre. However, the point of the contest was to submit pictures of your child discovering something for the first time. So, I have 6 photos of Carter discovering...which are cute (not photographic masterpieces by any means...but they get the job done.) So...go to the link above and rate Carter's photos!(please rate all 6) Please give him a break and give him all 5 stars and then click on "recommend"....and do the same for Liam...in all honesty I think Liam's picture is the cutest one on there...but I must admit I did not sift through all 14, 000 pictures...maybe the first 25...but cute is cute people and when you know it you know it!

So there is my plug for Carter and my first experience at being a "stage mom" ha! No, but is would be incredible to win a trip to New York...so go on...VOTE!! I love you ahead of time if you take the time to do this! And if you do...go ahead and let me know so I can praise you even more!


Todd and Laura said...

Okay, I voted for your cute little guy. What's the site to get directly to Liam's picture?

julie said...

haha! I'm pretty sure the editors don't care how many people vote for a baby..But still, it sure validates me! I will go vote now...

julie said...
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julie said...

So, not even kidding..Carter could so win! They always pick kids that look like him (for good reason!) He has great hair and tons of it, and the cutest little boy face ever. And I looked at how they do the judging..And the sticker picture is so creative..that could so win! So good luck!

Oh, someone gave me a 4 star :(