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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Smothered Chicken

I made a Sunday lunch/dinner...linner or dunch...if you will, that was so yummy! I was so happy because I did not plan in advance. In fact on the way home from church I apologized to Josh for not having anything to make and that we would all have to fast this Sunday. However, I managed to rummage up some good grub.

I had a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer (a staple I try to always keep around) These ones are the Great Value brand from Wal-mart which I have really liked because they are cut just right for my tastes...they are thinner and a little bit smaller in portions than other bags I have used. This makes them really easy for me to cook...I get kind of nervous with meats...always worried they aren't cooked enough and we will get sick and blah blah blah...but these chicken breasts are perfect and always cook just great! So I took out 2 breasts.

Then... I had a packet of marinade seasoning...this kind was called Chipotle Pepper (I love chipotle!)I also always try to have an array of different marinades on hand both bottled and season packets. We are grillers. Grilling is the way I feel most confident in cooking meat.

So, I mixed up the marinade and let the chicken mix with flavor for only 15 minutes (30 minutes would have been perfect) (you can mix up a simple marinade by mixing equal parts water and olive oil(or other vegetable oil)in this case it was 1/4 cup of each and then adding your favorite seasonings.

Then I grilled them up on the BBQ. They smelled great, looked great. But I was a little bored with grilled chicken and tried to think of a way to spice it up a bit. So...I improvised and tried to construct a smothered chicken similar to those I have had in restaurants. I pulled out some sour cream and spooned maybe 2 tablespoons in a cup and then mixed in Mrs. Dash and some Coriander. Then I spread it on top of the chicken.

NEXT I topped the chicken with pre-cooked bacon and THEN topped it off with grated cheese. I threw it in the oven on 400 for probably 10 minutes. Then I turned the oven to Broil for about 3-5 minutes. Perfecto!! I wish I would have taken a picture because it looked appetizing as well as tasting it! However, the below picture will have to do..but mine looked waaaay better.

If you have these items on hand they would go great as part of the smother...mushrooms, chives, olives, green peppers...and so on. You can smother chicken with anything. If I had cream cheese I would have mixed that with the sour cream. If you are doing low-fat just use fat free sour cream, turkey bacon, and low fat cheese for a really lean meal.

Anyways...I was so proud because I rarely make a dish that I think is great...in fact we just might have it for dinner as well!!

We paired the chicken with corn on the cob and green beans...but the ultimate side dish would have been loaded mashed potatoes and rolls from Texas Roadhouse...oh yum! Anyways...SUPER easy and SUPER good!

Do any of you have a smothered chicken success stories to share? Perhaps an easy dinner that is mouth watering...go on...please share!


Anonymous said...

Laura< My all time favorite is actually dutch oven chicken & dressing. Cook chicken breasts in a baking pan with 1 cube butter and some onions. Add 1-2 cans of cream of chicken soup and let cook on low while you are at church. When you get home add a package of chicken dressing and maybe some water and let set for 10 minutes. It is so easy and good and tastes so good and goes a long way. My family is really pretty sick of it I cook it so much.
Love, Grammy Kathy Wootton

Us Bailey's said...

WOW!!! I am impressed! I'll have to try that. I have a hard time deciding what to cook for dinner about 5 out of the 7 nights of the week. My favorite way to do chicken is to marinade it in Fat Free Italian Dressing and stick on the BBQ. It's good and Mike does most of the cooking because he does the BBQ - I dont even know how to turn it on! Oops!

Casey Marie said...

Oh I love that yummy chicken. Mmm...

Anyways, I am confused about that baby site because Carter has 11 votes at 5 stars each but doesn't show up in the top rated. Even though a little girl with only two votes at all shows up. So thats weird. I also think Carter and Liam have no competition whatsoever. They're the cuties of the baby world.

Matt and Brandi said...

I love new chicken ideas, since my husband is so stinking picky. My favorite is my crockpot. I put the chicken in with a mixture of sourcream and cream of chicken soup. It always turns out really moist. Oh and sometimes I add some swiss cheese. Its also a wonderful thing to put on low on the way out the door to church!

Casey Marie said...

I tried this recipe and it was delish!! Good work! Next time I will add the loaded mashed potatoes to the meal plan.

**nicke said...

this looks so so so good! you are amazing! so, have you taken any pictures lately...

Mann Land said...

This sounds so yummy! I have yet to venture on to grilling. I think I'm intimidated by the large equipment?? You have motivated me to get my grill on.