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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I decided to copy Julie's format for this anniversary post. Thanks Ju!

I married Josh SIX years ago! Happy Anniversary to us! I was sad because I was so sick on our anniversary so I just could not sit up long enough to do this LONG post...plus I had not yet scanned all these pictures into the computer. That is one drawback of being married 6 years ago vs. today...digital still hadn't taken over yet so all of our pictures are old school. Anyways...I had a major head cold...one that just knocks you on your butt...I could really only lay in bed for about 3 days...I am so grateful to be healthy again!

The love songs on my play list were put on here in celebration of 6 years of good lovin'!

WARNING! This is a LOOOONG Post...you may want to get some milk and cookies before proceeding....or celery sticks and water if you are one of those ;)

6 Things About Our Early Years

1. Josh and I met when Julie brought me along to a rehearsal for the play "The Music Man" in which both she and Josh starred. I was 15 and Josh was 18. I later got rides with him to another play we were in "Beauty Lou and the Country Beast"...that is where we hit it off!

2. One day Josh was driving me home...I lived in the middle of nowhere so we had lots of driving time. We decided to turn on the street by the racetrack...a path we rarely took...and came upon groceries scattered all over the street. Then we saw a truck over turned a couple yards away. As we got closer to the wreckage we saw the body. The lady was tossed many feet away from her truck. We were the first ones on the scene and I was mortified. I wouldn't drive on that street again until we moved and no longer had a reason to go out there. Josh and I still bring it up once in a while and hope her family is okay.

3. Josh liked to take me to Elmer's on Saturday morning for breakfast and to Applebee's at night for dinner. Those are 2 restaurants that we went to a lot to just talk and eat. Though it was something simple it was so fun to just sit and talk and talk and laugh.

4. I "Dear Johned" Josh on his mission after I got to BYU-I....I was just having waaaaaay too much fun! Sorry Sweetie. I was also freaking out and I am sure my roommates can remember clearly how I was just so sure I would go to the airport for Josh's arrival and just not love him anymore. In fact, I told one of the guys I was dating not to worry and I would be back and all would be well...oops. No worries!! The minute Josh stepped off the plane and I laid eyes on him I fell in love all over again! His grandparents got him out of there quick because they were determined for Josh to date lots of people and go to school...away from me...hhmmmm...I didn't really realize it then but I don't think they thought I was good enough for him...hhhmpf! ;) The other guy I was dating tried to get me back and got to the point of me almost having to get a restraining order...jk MC...I still love the kid...although my friends didn't! And yes I tell this because it makes me feel good that I had guys fighting for me! We all know that will never happen again!

5. We had this "thing" where on Valentine's day or birthdays we would get each other a weird plant instead of beautiful flowers...it all started one day when Josh sent me a potted pansie plant that just look so sad for my birthday at school...or was it Valentine's day? Anyhow...yes my plant got made fun of and I had to give Josh a hard time about it...and then it became a funny tradition.

6. Julie and I made Josh and Lance dress up in costumes and stand outside of the mall and ask people for money to help them get to Prom. That was our gracious way of saying "yes" that we would go to the Prom...but not only that...I then made Josh sing to Mrs. Goddard in the hallway during pass time...and he did it! Wow how funny we thought we were back then. Josh had the "Noy" all decked out inside complete with a soft love seat for us to ride in style. It was fun! Oh and the first song Josh and I ever danced to (at an after game dance) was "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. It is still our song to this day...along with a zillion other people's.
I do not recommend any lovesick, heart-aching girl to go see her missionary off at the airport after you have already said your goodbyes a few months earlier. Not recommended indeed. It sent me in a downward spiral all over again. Boohoo hoo! (of course regulations now make airport visits very difficult...but just stay away...far away!):)

Sweetheart Ball February 1999

Josh's Senior Prom May?1999

After what seemed like 5 years!...Josh finally came back home!! Ask my mom...he was really gone 5 years! That was THE slowest 2 years of my life!..don't get me wrong...I did start having fun...after about 10 months...pathetic I know.

When Josh got home his face was perpetually red...I guess it was from being out in the Argentinian sun for so many hours at a time...it eventually faded away.

Ah! Look who is engaged! I don't have very good pictures from this night...but this is dinner before the proposal ...it was such a fun day!

The engagement photos taken courtesy Kim Critchfield in Twin Falls, ID. Josh had huge cold sore on his mouth the whole week before these pictures and just faded on this exact day...talk about luck! I would have hated to send out photos with a big bright red scabby sore on Josh's mouth...gross.

6 Things About Our Wedding Day

1. We went to Logan the night before and I had a sleepover with some of my girlfriends for one last time...or so I thought...we have sense had sleepovers hooray! I was so happy to walk out of the Temple and see my closest friends and family cheering for me! They are amazing...each one of them!

2. I had a hair catastrophe. You see, I had asked both Katie and Carrie if they would do my hair. I figured 2 minds working would do a fabulous job...little did I know that neither of them wanted to step on the other's toes so they ended up not being able to do anything! AHHHH!! So we called a salon that quickly got us in...and oh man the girl did a horrible job...I hated it!...however Chelsey was able to paint my nails while I was sitting in the chair (Why had I not been prepared with pedicured hands and feet, whitened teeth, smooth legs? I am so not a "girl" like a girl should be!) Luckily, Carrie saved the day by trying her best to hide my catastrophe with my tiara and veil. It is not the prettiest bridal hair...but certainly not the worst either....or is it? Thanks Mom & Carrie for being in the bride's room to help me! I loved having you there!

3. Due to the hair frenzy I was LATE! When I got there people were freaking out on me and I was chastised by my mother for wearing flip flops...granted I should have thought ahead because flip flops are totally inappropriate for the temple...but was I thinking at all that day? NO! But everyone freaking out was in vain because I had plenty of time and still had to wait a short time before they we ready for me.

4. When Josh and I met right before walking into the room I was so happy to see him but at the same time I think I said "Are you sure we want to do this?!?!?" I was freaking out a little bit. I don't blame my 19 year old self...that is so young! I loved walking into the sealing room full with all of my friends and family and looking at the big smiles they were shooting at me! It was a fabulous feeling. I can still remember where certain people were sitting, some of the things that were said to us, our kiss over the altar, our ring exchange, and some slobbery kisses I got from some family members during the receiving line. It was a magical day. The weather was perfect and I just remember thinking...could this get any better?!?!

5. We had our luncheon at the Copper Mill in Logan and there was no way I could eat anything. My stomach was calming down from all nerves leading up to the ceremony and butterflies were still fluttering furiously around. It looked delicious though and I wish I could have tasted it! I felt like a princess being seated in front of everyone while a select few got up and said a few things...I remember clearly some of the things Carrie said about/to me...I love to think back on that day!

6. That night we stayed in the Imperial Palace suite at the Anniversary Inn...want more detail than this....I didn't think so;)

It was so much fun being able to pick out which suite I wanted though. I probably looked online everyday at all of my choices...thank you Mom for footing the bill on that! A funny story is that the suite had a big bathtub that was set up on a few stairs...anyways...I had accidentally filled it with so many bubbles that it overflowed...but I was in the tub just swimming around when the delivery guy knocked on the door. The tub is really the first thing you see when you open the door. Sooo, when Josh opened the door the delivery guy could see my head poking above the bubbles and I just I waved and said "hello!" to the poor kid...I bet he hates delivering there.

6 Things About Josh

1. He is the guy that if I had ever let go I would have spent my whole life wondering where he was, what he was doing, who he was with. There was no way I could have lived without him!

2. Josh is Mr. Handyman. He can seriously fix anything. I love having him around the ho
use. He saves us lots of money where I would have just went out and bought a new one.

3. Josh can be the most annoying and frustrating person on the planet. He knows exac
tly which buttons to push. BUT I am glad he knows me better than anyone and is the one who knows every single thing about me. He is the only person in the world who can make that claim. He is also the only person in the world who makes me feel utterly and totally in love.

4. Josh has great hygiene. This was one of the things I loved when we were dating. He was always showered...always smelled good...never farted....never picked his nose....until the day we got married. ;) So he is a total guy...but he does still shower and does still smell good.

5. Josh is one of the hardest working people alive. If says he will do something he will do it 135%. And just so you know that is the highest percent ever recorded...so he is number 1. (Although my dad is pushing 136%) He prides himself on being dependable, trustworthy, and awesome. heehee. And he can make me laugh even when I am so ticked off and trying so hard to be mad.

6. Josh knows the Gospel, understand the Gospel, and is completely firm in his convictions...there is no doubt in his mind who he is, where he came from, why he is here, and where he is going. I am very, very thankful for Josh's strong testimony and his influence in our home. He keeps my sights on the straight and narrow. He is always looking for improvement and wanting to do and be better.

Some of my favorite highlights have been going to Chicago, taking college classes together, Starring in the lead roles in "The Fantastiks" and getting to kiss on stage!..and all the other plays we have done together, going to church together-I think I love him the very most at church and I am always secretly so happy because I have the cutest husband in the whole ward, laying in bed at night at talking for hours and hours while we keep saying "oh crap it is 1:00 in the morning...oh dang it is 3:00...how are we ever going to wake up!" and being together on the adventurous journey that parenthood is. We are still in awe when we look at Carter and realize how he got here! It just blows my mind!

WHEW! If you stuck with me through all of this than wow you really have nothing better to do! Just kidding!! I am so glad you care enough to read! It makes me feel nice to know there are a handful of people out there who take an interest in my family and me!

Josh...here is to another 6 years filled with love and laughter and health. I love "playing" house with you. Sometimes it doesn't seem real when things are so blissful! And then there are the times I want to get in the car and drive as far away from you as possible...but those are the times that pass in an instant...because almost as quick as I have the thought it leaves because I know I am not really me without you. Like you said to me 9 years ago...it still rings true for me today. You are my best friend, my favorite daydream, and my strongest hope. I love You Forever.


Us Bailey's said...

Very cute! And I am glad to see I made it on your blog! I can't believe it has been six years! How the time flies! I love your post, I read some of it and looked at all the pictures! Good luck with everything! Glad your feeling better!

Jennifer Dunn said...

Sigh...so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

julie said...

Holy crap I started reading this yesterday and I'm finally finished! I am SO glad you married Josh. He was a billion times better than all your other bf's combined! That MC guy...ugh! :) You are guys are great together!

munge said...

It's true, Josh was on his mission at least 5 years. No other person has ever served longer.

And its true that the person you love the most can make you the angriest as well. You know that song by Orleans "We've been together since way back when. Sometimes I never want to see you again. but I want you to know, after all these years, you're still the one I want whisperin' in my ear. You're still the one..." Yeah, that is being married. I don't think I will ever forget how horrified I was that you wore flip-flops to the temple. I love you sweetie. Wish I was there to babysit so you could go celebrate.

Liz said...

I am amazed at the detail you remember! And I LOVE all the high school pictures. Everyone we know looks so young!
Congratulations on six great years. Hope you get to celebrate soon!

Annie & Jake said...

Laura, this was really fun to read. Thanks for sharing! Although I feel so old looking back on those pictures!

Leah said...

OH!! So cute! What fun stories! I love remembering good times! Hope all is well!

Cheri said...

Oh wow! I'm soooo glad I didn't got to dances with you, otherwise my pictures would have been up there. Whew! Just kidding.
I know exactly how you feel about the wedding day getting ready stuff. I didn't have anything done for lack of money. When you're paying for everything, 18 years old, and not wanting to start your marriage out in debt, the pedicure, manicure, hair dresser, bla bla bla, all the extra stuff gets put on the back burner.
Very fun post. You guys really were soul mates. You're so lucky you found eachother.
Oh! And I remember when Josh was getting back and how you thought you wouldn't like him anymore. I so knew it would work out!

Lisa said...

Amen to Cheri's comment! I was another poor, 18-year-old bride with hair trauma and bad nails on my wedding day! Haha!

I loved reading this post and seeing those old pictures. I even remember helping Anna get reading for the dance in the first picture! You have such great memories to share, and I always look forward to finding something new on your blog. I didn't know you very well in high school, but I feel like old blogging buddies now!

Congratulations to you and Josh - you're a great match!

The Dayley Fam said...

Aww! I hope you had a happy anniversary!!

Casey Marie said...

Holy Crap...you made me cry. Or I guess Josh made me cry with those sweet words. Sigh, I love being married.
Also, I forgot to put my makeup on on my wedding day. Gross...
So I laughed unnecessarily hard at the delivery boy with your head poking out of the tub. tehe.
If I want to do this do I only get to put 2/3 of a memory down since I've only been married 8 months?

Bradbury Trio said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!! YOU TWO ARE SUCH A CUTE ADORABLE, FUN COUPLE!! I think it's so neat that you have so many memories together!!

Cheers to eternity!

And to hopefully a double date someday together!!!! XOXO

Mann Land said...

I'll have you know I read this whole thing! It was beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your sweeeeeeet story. It is touching.
I remember seeing you two together way back in the day and thinking to myself, yes, they are perfect together; What a lucky girl to find something like that.

Christine said...

That was awesome...seriously it made me tear up! Congrats!