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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyone Gather 'Round for a Picture!

So we went to the circus and spent way too much money! With coupons it cost $17.00 per adult! I wanted to choke! But I couldn't give up Carter having "an experience" even though he most likely will not remember it! It was fun though.
This is the only picture that came out visible. All of my other pictures were too dark. Oh well...this was Carter's favorite part of the whole show. We had to stand back here though...it costs 8.00 to get closer!

I walked in on Carter to find him reading "American Baby"...hhmmmm...
Notice the mop he is sportin' on his head!

Now Daddy cut his hair and it resembles Jim Carrey on "Dumb and Dumber"...next time we know to taper the bangs and not cut straight across...hahaha..at least his hair grows super fast!

Her is Carter's cast. The whole time the doctor was putting it on Carter kept saying "Cool!" and giggling. He was such a good boy during the whole thing. The nurse let him pick green or blue and you can see which he picked! He is too cute!

Our Most Favorite People (well some of them;)
Nate and Megan and Halle came to visit and it was sure nice to have them around for a little while. Carter just adores Halle and talks about her non-stop. He chats with her on imaginary phone conversations and at night as he is trying to go to sleep he will say "Halle Sleep?" to me. "Yep, Halle is sleeping too!"...and then he will say "Paw Paw sleep?" ..yep! and he will go through roll call...Grandma, Jake, Nate, Megan, Casey, and Cody..and then start over again. I want him to just go to sleep...but I think it is so cute that he is just thinking about all of his family that he loves!

Here are the kiddos enjoying lunch at Texas Roadhouse

Enjoying the sunniest and warmest day of the year so far!
This was taken at the beginning of April when Carter and I went to Twin for the weekend. Carter is still sportin' his mop! The kids sat down to "Monsters Inc." and a good bowl of popcorn. I think it entertained them for 2.564 minutes.

Josh teaching Carter how to golf!

Carter and his shadow surveying the ground for his best shot!

A couple days later he is at it again!

This was the picture to show his haircut...but I don't want to move it around and put it in order...blah. Blogger needs to come up with a better way to do pictures!
Carter is 22 months now. His favorite thing to say lately is "Go Away!" He says it all the time and hurts Josh's and my feelings! He has mastered counting to 10 and I often hear him off in some room of the house counting as he is "working". He still loves to JUMP JUMP JUMP and do somersaults!! We sing many songs and he knows many of the words to most of them...such as "Row Row Row Your Boat" "Sunbeam" "Bumble Bee" "BINGO" "Old MacDonald" ...and so on.

Another new thing he says a lot is "Scare me"...he now knows what it means to be scared and will tell me when he feels that way. He is scared of our downstairs storage room where our washer and dryer is. That is my fault...he shut us in there when the lights were off and I growled...now he doesn't even want to go downstairs at all. What a mean mommy... jeez!! poor little man.

This little guys loves candy and talks about it more than anyone I know. He will ask for candy the first thing in the morning and all through the day and before going to bed at night. He makes me laugh. I usually just have to say "Sorry bud, no candy, all gone." and then he will walk around saying "Candy all gone."...he will pick candy over anything! We went to the arcade a while back and won some tickets and I wanted him to pick a toy....but nope...he picked a ring pop and tootsie rolls...how did he know the ring pop was candy?!?!?

Carter loves to be outside and will stay out there all day and night if we would let him. He doesn't care if it is freezing or windy he just wants to be outside! Carter also loves to change the DVDs in the player over and over again and because of this love he has scratched a good number of DVDs...thanks bud! ;)

He still adores Cody and will pick him over everyone if he is in the room. He loves Casey too and sure loves when he gets to see Grandma, Paw Paw, and Jake. He loves visitors!!

He makes sure I know my phone is ringing, wakes up bright and early every morning and pokes me and prods me and steam rolls Josh, likes to say the prayer with us, and likes to be in whatever room we are. He is our little buddy and as I have been thinking about moving and the people and places we have to leave behind I just keep thinking how lucky we are that we get to take Carter wherever we go! I love you Buddy!

Kind of a random video of our lunch at Texas Roadhouse. I got it out to film Carter making sour faces while eating limes(and he obviously objected to me filming him)...but he was over it mostly by the time I got it going. Josh had mashed potatoes, applesauce, chili, and green beans because of his wisdom teeth. My salad was awesome! My big bro. got the ribs...very manly indeed and Megan had a delicious Chicken Fried Steak. It was all so yummy but fun just being together!!


munge said...

Hey Dave - how do you like that salad? Dave, Dave, your dead Dave, I'm gonna take your salad. Dave, I love you.

Could resist when you said "Look at my salad." Wish I had been there too.

Us Bailey's said...

Well, it looks like we know who the boss in your family is!!! It's the same at our house. I'm glad you're having fun. We need to get together sometime. I got your message and erased it before I got your email off (oops) so I will try calling again. Hope to see you soon.

Shelby said...

I love that you posted all of these little things about Carter. It's so easy to forget all of the cute things they say and do!

Casey Marie said...

Oh NO! I'm going to miss you guys so much!

Emily said...

Don't you just love this stage when they are learning new things everyday! I sure do.

julie said...

I need to do a post like this. You will love it when you are old and can't remember all the cute things he did.

Kari said...

Hi Laura!

I was so surprised and excited to see your comment on my blog!

Your little boy is darling! I LOVE that picture on the sidebar of him in his pea-pod costume, it is too stinkin' cute!!!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Jeff's dream is for his son to want to play golf! That is so fun that you went to the circus! And Texas Roadhouse is...amazing! Those rolls! Now I want to go! I love the picture of Carter with his cousin and his hair is long and combed down! It is adorable!

Matt and Brandi said...

I think Carter is getting cuter everytime I see him! Goodness. We have the same taste I swear. Chloee has the exact same golf clubs, just a different color. haha. Makes me laugh. I will miss you guys so much when you move though.

Tim and Laura Allen said...

I love sponge bob. Did you get his autograph. Looks like fun. It was probably worth the money, you have to splurge every now and then :)

Lara said...

Carter is just so handsome!
And what a fun mom you are.

millerandbrandi said...

While the cast is a bummer, it is still stinking cute on him! You need to make Nate and Megan start a blog!

Bradbury Trio said...

So now I'm drooling over that salad and all that yummy food!! Even Carter makes those Limes look scrumdiliumptious!!! And it's only 7:30 am over here!!

I as well think it's ridiculous how much they charge for kids events sometimes, but what a wonderful Mommy you are to take him anyway! Although I laughed at how it cost $8 to get closer!

I enjoyed seeing your family pictures too--I know that's you holding Carter while he is displaying his cast---HELLO! I want to see more of you Laura, seriously!!

Anyway, I'm glad you had a great time with family, there's nothing like it eh? OKay, now it's time for me to google where the nearest Texas Roadhouse is...i think "it's" WHAT'S FOR DINNER!!! =)

**nicke said...
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**nicke said...

hi laura ~~~ it's nicke...

i did make a quilt for the auction. it had a pink polka dot back. i do hope that you got it. i had such a great time making it and i half to tell you that it was a bit of an adventure for me. it is the first time i have ever hand bound a quilt. it took much longer than i expected. i should do a post on my blog on all of the quilts i have made... but will you do me a favor? i didn't take a picture of it. could you take a pic and post it on your blog for me. i can save it to my computer that way.

that is so so funny that you found me on blogger... i wasn't able to go to the auction and wondered who bought the quilt i made. how fun that it was you! also, what did you end up paying for it? just curious... wondering if it is a good idea for a mini business for me... :)

my husband is spencer and he worked with nate for a while for Jon Powlus. he also went on a ride along with nate about a year ago. i think it is great that nate works for law enforcement. he seems to really like it. also spencer is in the young mens presidency with your dad... isn't it funny...

thanks for the compliments on sara. i am amazed at how much we love her. she is perfect and we too love all of her crazy hair. it is perpetual bed head now that it has gotten longer. your carter is adorable. he has such a cute smile... i also love that he goes through all of the family members when he is going to sleep. the story brought tears to my eyes... that happens a lot these days. :)

also thanks for the compliments on my quilt. i really love to quilt and hope that you enjoy it very much. i love to make things that people can touch and love.

thanks again!


**nicke said...

boy, that was a huge comment! ;)

Jana said...

Thank you so much for finding my blog; I'm really glad that you like it! Your family is adorable! Also, I love your blog decorations (is that what they're called)? Very classy. Mine--much less so.