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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008

Today's Journal: Easter Memories 2008

**WARNING** Very wordy post ahead as I blog in detail about Easte
r. Don't feel obliged to read. This is my journal...what may be monotonous to some now...will be my magnificent moments in the future. Thus, this post is for me. But do enjoy the pictures!

I finally have a chance to sit down and post, though it is late enough and I should go to bed instead. We all know blogging wins out. This Easter was mellow and COLD! booo! Last year the weather was so sunny and warm and we could play outside all day. Still, it was enjoyable and I think Carter had a good time.

The holidays creep up on me so fast that I never have time to prepare properly and it seems I am always wishing I would have thought about it more ahead of time. On the Friday before Easter I decided I should pick up a paper and find out where the Easter Egg hunts were going to be. Of course the 2 biggest ones in town both started at 10:00 on Saturday...haven't these people heard of staggering?!? We decided to go to the city park, however, on the way there I asked myself "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!" Why put ourselves through that? Kids packed in all around the perimeter and stacked 10 people deep...Carter would be lucky to come out with all of his limbs let alone an egg. So at the last minute we turned and headed up to the University Wards Stake Center. My friend told me her ward was having an egg hunt at...you guessed it... 10:00 am as well.

We were surprised to see only a handful of cars staggered throughout the parking lot and when we went inside only 2 handfuls of kids. Carter had hit the jackpot indeed! With only maybe a dozen kids and 600 eggs to be had, Carter was in luck!! First a member of the Stake Presidency gave a very short talk about the reason for Easter...I think he had to cut it even shorter because we all know the attention span of our small ones. Then they colored pictures of Jesus and took a picture all together to be sent to "The Friend". Then when the anxiety in the room was enough to suffocate us we were let loose on the eggs. Carter started out very slow, surveying the area and wondering what was going on. Obviously, his memories of the excitement he had last year had faded away over the months and this was all new again. Josh had to get him started by tossing some eggs in his basket and then Carter got the hang of it. I loved this hunt because there were so many eggs that Carter didn't have to compete with any of the other kids...that was enjoyable! In the end his entire basket was full...as well as his mouth! His knew exactly what was in the eggs and it was all we could do to keep him from opening every single egg and stuffing the contents of them into his mouth, paper or no paper!(I can't get this kid to give me a real smile anymore...they all turn out goofy! He is afraid of the flash and always squints his eyes)

On Sunday I was dreadfully sick. I was so congested it hurt. However, I was determined NOT to miss church on Easter. Of all the days to be in attendance I think this day would be a must! I am thankful I went and was able to learn more about my Savior and feel of the Spirit. I was particularly blessed that Josh and I had to meet with a counselor from the Stake (he was there to offer an honorable release to Josh from his calling as 1st counselor in the Elder's Quorum) and he prayed for me to get better fast! It worked! The next day I felt 100 times better. I know prayer is real. I know prayers are answered, no matter how small, or how insignificant matters may seem...prayers are heard. Carter had a blast playing in the nursery as well and like always came out with beautiful art work.

After church I was also determined not to be sick and stay cooped up all day. Cody and Casey invited us out to the middle of nowhere to have dinner at Cody's parents. We took them up on the offer and I was thankful I didn't have to scrounge something up for dinner (again my lack of preparation left much to be desired as far as food in our kitchen). It was a nice afternoon. Though not particularly warm, it wasn't freezing either and Carter loved to walk around out in the big open country and especially loved to jump on the trampoline. He would have jumped all day had we obliged. He liked looking at horses and dogs and kitties. Inside was a fun play room that kept him entertained (for not long enough!) and Casey and Cody hid some eggs around the house for him to find. However, he was now a pro at this game and didn't care about gathering all the eggs...rather opening each one as he came to it and devouring the contents. He ate a whole chocolate factory that day and I ended up really hiding as many eggs as I could too keep him away from them!

It is hard to be at other people's houses with Carter...no matter how baby proof their house my seem...Carter kind find a way to destroy. And try he did. Luckily we were able to escape without any injury or broken knickknacks...at least from what I saw...I hope he didn't leave any hidden surprises for the family to find...ugh. It wears me out trying to keep him calm and everything and everyone in one piece. By the time dinner rolled around...which was very good!! Thank you Cody's mom!!...we were ready to hit the road and hope Carter fell asleep(which he did!) It was an enjoyable afternoon. We played a couple of games with Casey, Cody and Shyanna(one of Cody's sisters) walked around in the fresh air and just enjoyed being in the presence of good company.

We lounged around the rest of the evening and just enjoyed being our little family.

On Monday I still hadn't gotten around to getting Easter baskets ready. I almost skipped it completely...but at the grocery store ran into the 50% off Easter Clearance...and the clouds parted and light was shown round about me and I realized the Easter Baskets would now be a reality...and at half the cost it was all the more fun!

On Monday afternoon I set Carter's basket of goodies out on the couch and then asked him to look around. It took him a minute to spot it but as soon as his eyes caught sight he ran right too it! His favorite gift is a story book projector. It is really a fun little device that projects stories onto the wall...or wherever you point it. This one came with a Winnie the Pooh story. Carter hasn't sat once and listened to the story...but he loves to carry it around and project it on different surfaces. I think it will be a lot more fun once he gets older and can actually sit still (crossing my fingers) I am proud about this purchase because this is a 30.00 product. I couldn't imagine buying it for that price but for 7.00 on clearance I thought it would be a very suitable Easter gift...along with some Dollar Store books, a slinky, and a lamb that goes BOING when you push a button...it scared Carter the first time he pressed it...it was kind of funny;)

Josh got a bunch of his favorite candies...Lindt Lindor Truffles (SOOOOO GOOD) Cadbury cream eggs and some other Cadbury chocolate bars, Twizzlers, and Mike n Ikes.

My basket on the other hand might seem a little ironic after my previous post. It was a little basket with some make-up in it. I never said I didn't like make-up...just that I hardly ever wear it or really know how to wear it! But at 50%(I love when Smith's puts their make-up on sale...which is often) off I got a few things I needed. More mascara (which is my everyday staple) some usually expensive lip gloss but not today, some blush...I thought I would try to do a little brush here and there but only if it will look more natural than showy...and I threw a package of tweezers in as well because they were only .49 cents and what house can't use tweezers? I also got some clear nail polish for that natural shine...I have painted one nail so far. Tacky I know.
All this really only cost like a dollar. Okay...maybe like 9.00..awesome deal!

I wish Josh would be my Easter Bunny...I like surprises too!! He told me it was a mom job though. I will have to change his mind about that here in the near future.

There you have it. Our Easter 2008. Not too much, not too little. Just right.Happy Easter to All...And to All a Goodnight!! (how he fell asleep and stayed asleep like this I will never understand!)


Anonymous said...

Laura: We LOVED having your little family for Easter dinner. Carter is a hoot!!!!! Our house is pretty kid proof so you don't have to worry. All little kids get tired and he was pretty worn out. Thanks for coming.

julie said...

What a great day! It was perfect. Way to go on sales, and way to go on cute pictures..and way to go on Tweezers. Your house may not need tweezers because you haven't a single peach fuzz... But when you have a beard like Osama Bin Laden's like me, tweezers really are a must!

Shelby said...

I'm glad that you had a good Easter! Hopefully you can come back out again when everyone is healthy!

Bradbury Trio said...

I so love what the Easter bunny brough you!!! :) I wish he would drop off some makeup at my house...I need to refill up on some things!! I'm glad you had a HOPPY EASTER!!

That's great your journaling at least! I am like you and using blogging as my journal, but I should write more details like you!

I can't say how much I love the picture of Carter zonked out!! I see so many kids fall asleep at the weirdest places, like eating lunch, or getting out of the car! It's so funny!!! AND ADORABLE!!

I'm also sorry and glad you liked slickdeals.net! I wish we could go get our free blizzards together!!


Ummm...sorry for ANOTHER long comment!!! :)

Julie said...

Laura, you are such a good blogger. I am trying to use mine like a journal/scrapbook, since I am really bad at both of those things. You have good ideas and clever posts. Love the picture of Carter sleeping!

Casey Marie said...

haha. I now have that picture of Carter asleep as my background. Sooo cute. :)

Us Bailey's said...

I loved the pictures! Isn't it fun taking little kids on Easter Egg hunts! They get such joy out of small things- although I admit I get a lot of joy from it too!