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Sunday, January 27, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (and you could win)

Since I am as famous and well adored like my good friend Oprah, I decided I should do my own installment of "Oprah's Favorite Things"...'cept this time it will be "Laura's Favorite Things"...see how this works? Good. I decided to add a little sparkle to blog spot and make it possible for my readers to win! That's right folks...you have a chance to win "Laura's Favorite Things"!!!(and the crowd goes wild...people jumping up and down like maniacs and even some of the women are outright weeping...no sobbing uncontrollably!)

Okay...so I just wanted to do something a little different and fun. I am going to post some of my favorite things. If you want to participate you comment to me on this post that you want a chance to win. After I feel like enough time has passed and I have some names, I will then put all the names in a hat and draw one or two out(depending on participation) and the I will send the name/s either one or a sampling of my favorite things(so tell me which is your favorite!) This is not like junior high, I will NOT just pick the person I like the best and send them a prize...everyone has a fair shot! BUT here is the catch! If you win then you have to do a post of your favorite things and send out prizes...and so on and so forth. So say Susie, Bill, Tom, and Tina all put their names on my blog...but I only draw Bill's name...then Susie, Tom, and Tina can go to Bill's post and try and win again! I think it will be fun! So let the games being!

I adore Willow Tree Figurines! I currently have about 10 of them. These are 2 of my favorites. I love the Christmas Tree ornaments too! If all else fails and someone can't think of a gift for me...Willow Tree will get me every time!

I really love my lace trimmed camis. I know they are all the rage and everyone has been wearing them for a while...but I just barely caught up and have only had a couple for a month now. I love that they can dress up a very simple outfit and add some flare. I also love the extra long coverage...I love when other girls where them too because then that eliminates me having to see butt cleavage, thongs, and love handles...all of which should be kept inside closed doors! I don't have any of the cap sleeves...but I liked the look of 'em.

I don't need these anymore, but they are still one of my favorite baby items and will definitely be used with the next baby. This is a Teething Feeder and if you haven't ever seen it before...it is a mesh bag and you stick a piece of fruit, or veggie, meat, or even ice or Popsicles (though I only ever used fruit.) I loved being able to give Carter fresh fruit and let him just gnaw away at it. He LOVED it! Yes...fruit juice runs all down the front of him...but it relieved his gums, gave him nutrition, kept him from choking, and was yummy all at the same time! Some of his favorites were Mango, Bananas, and Peaches.

I still love Bath and Body Works...after all this time:)
I especially love the wallflowers that make my house smell so nice and the hand soap!
I love good smellin' soap! I also love the body cream and sprays! The wallflowers make great gifts and door prizes!(as does any B&B item)

Netflix was made for people like me. I cannot ever get my movies back on time. Solution? Netflix...no late fees and the hugest assortment! I like getting TV shows since I don't have any channels. Then I watch them at my own pace..stick them back in the mailbox and in usually 2 days I have some more waiting for me! How nice. (the only good mail I get)

Floss Sticks. Why anyone uses the old fashioned stuff still is beyond me!
So simple, quick, easy, and lasts a really long time!It is easy to get to the hard to reach spots without trying to stick your whole fist in your mouth!.. Electric toothbrushes. Easy and gets my teeth cleaner. Also nice for Carter...it does the spinning action so I feel like Carter's teeth are getting cleaner because every second counts-- he starts to throw a fit if I am in there too long!

Mypublisher.com I made a book of Carter's first 6 months on here and it turned out awesome! Now I need to get caught up and do another one. There are many websites out there...snapfish, myheritage, etc. to try. Way easier and cheaper than scrap booking!

And Last But Not Least...Mega Magnetix! Carter and I had to spend quite a few hours in a hotel room so I needed something new and entertaining for him. So we went to Target and I looked up and down the toy aisle and nothing caught my eye...until I saw these. Good Choice on my part! Carter loved them and he played with these until it was time for him to go to bed...in fact him loved them so much that at 3 in the morning he woke up and started playing again(maybe not such a good choice;) They are a jumbo version of the small magnetix sets and perfect for toddler's hands(and way too big to choke on) He learned about the magnetic forces and that one end attracts and the other repels. He also likes to stick them on our doors and fridge at home. Lots of fun!....but it was hard to spend the 20.00 on the starter set, they are a little pricey...but well worth it in my book!

This was so much fun for me! I will definitely be doing this again!

Now...if you want to participate(I am being for real here!) Leave me a comment! Then in a week or so you might win!! I will post a blog with the winner/s and let you know what exactly the prize will be!

Hope you have fun too!

Oh...and you DO NOT have to know me well or know me at all!...that is the fun of this game...any can play! Just leave me a comment!


Carrie said...

Laura you are awesome! I've been wanting to do a favorite things blog too but I keep putting it off. I'm so glad you did it because I wasn't going to do prizes but I'm not as fun as you. I like the Magnetix because I now want them for Max...but I don't want you to buy them for me if I am drawn.

julie said...

You are so fun! I wanted to do a favorite things too, but I didn't even think of a game! In fact, I was going to write, "Nyeah, Nyeah, I have cool stuff that you don't, that makes me better!" Ok, but seriously, how fun! I can't even decide. I want the magnetix toy, and lacy camie..and the MyPublisher stuff...hey, if I write a million comments, can you put my name in that many times? I love games! Yay for you!

Annie & Jake said...

Laura! What a fun idea!! You are so full of creativity! It's always fun to see what you will write about next. As for the contest, I like the teether thing...for myself. That way I can put all the weird fruit they have here in it and see what happens. No, just kidding. I like the photobook. But, I don't want to be put in the drawing because if I win it will cost you a fortune to send me the prize, haha! But, it's a fun idea and I'll be waiting to see who wins! Also, you don't have to send me pancake mix and syrup--but it was nice of you to offer. If you want to write me an email, however, my address is: andreawerbeck@gmail.com. Love ya!

Bradbury Trio said...

SAAAWEEET!!! What a fun thing to do Laurita! You never cease to amaze me girl!! :) SO I love a lot of things that you love! Willow tree is a favorite, the lacey camie is too, but the photo book sounds interesting...hmmmm....and teether would be great for Nick, I mean Lexi! :) lol I'm excited to see what happens!! ;)LOVE YA!

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

You are so funny! I couldn't help but laugh about the lace camie because I just got in the loop too....better late than never right? And it's hard to vote for a favorite when you put so darn many cool things on there!!! But I think I would vote for the magnetix :)

Ashley said...

Well well, can I comment on my favorite and my least favorite?? I love netflix! I have been doing it for a little over a year and we love it...I also love it for the tv shows and old classics that you cant find at the movie store. I have never tried the teether- can you still use it if they have teeth or does that defeat the purpose? And I love the photobook, but I have been using a different site, I think it is shutterfly? I can't remember. The only thing that I dont love that you said is the figurines- they creep me out! I wont lie. The fact that they are faceless remind me of some creepy sci-fi show. Sorry. Oh, so do you want to get together and have lunch sometime...you know that I only live 1 hr and 15 minutes away- I will drive to poci anyday since I havent seen you in, well, forever!

The Van Noys said...

Hahaha Ashley...I can see where you are coming from with the Willow Trees..When I first saw them I thought they were some cheap thing you get from the dollar store...but then they grew on me and I love them. I like that they are faceless because then they can be anybody you want them to be...does that make sense?

Of course I would love to see you! But do you think you will be creeped out coming into my house and seeing faceless figurines staring at you(wait..they can't stare they don't have eyes)well...taunting you then?!?!

katie said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhh goody games i love games. whats with everyone wanting magnetix it's like ya all have kids or something anyways i just wanted to say that Drew is an idiot ohhh what??? sorry i mean i like the lacy camie and really i would just be happy if you invited me over to watch a movie when this is all said and done ya know what i'm sayin well i love your blog it's fun. hey see ya around ehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CwazyLawa said...

If one of your favorite things includes a briefcase full of gold coins and the keys to a Benz, include my name in the drawing. I play for nothing less.

CwazyLawa said...

Okay, maybe a WillowTree thing, so I can add it to my collection of one. Love them!

The Van Noys said...

Haha Lara...always cracking me up! Wish I had a briefcase full of gold coins, hundred dollar bills, ...ipods?(I could make money off of those right?

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

Ok I wasn't going to comment because I don't want you to buy anything for me if I won but then I thought that would make you sad so...here i am leaving a comment. :) My first willow tree was given to us by your Mom for our Wedding.. i have been obsessed since! THey are so cute! I love them.

Amunet said...

I guess I am confused. Are you going to give us the used items ro buy us new ones? That can get expensive. But anyways, I like the camis a lot too because my pants always fall down and they cover up my back side :)The Willow Trees are really nice too and netfilx is so simple. So anyways, This is a neat idea!

Cheri said...

I think some of your favorites are some of mine. All of them, except Netflix. I hate waiting.