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Friday, December 7, 2007

HAPPY 18 Months Carter!!!!!!

I wanted to blog yesterday but I am so busy my head spins counterclockwise at all times now. I am hoping that the end of the semester will bring relief from the dizziness!

Yesterday Carter turned 18 months old!!! I cannot believe I have an 18 month old! Time seriously flies by so fast. I also cannot believe it is December and that 2007 will only exist for just a couple of more weeks!

I am at school so I can't post any pictures of my big boy but I will soon!

Carter seriously brings me pure joy! He always makes me laugh so hard and he will take a time out and come over and pat me and say "Momma" and then give me kisses and hugs. I love when he does that because I feel like he will just all of the sudden look at me and be thankful I am there and taking care of him and being his friend. Today he was sitting down next to me and then just turned and looked at me and just smiled....for like a minute straight. He knows how to make my day!

He is so capable and smart. He always impresses me by what he can do. I know he understands me so well...but he does need to work on the whole "minding" thing:) He loves to sing and dance. Lately he loves to jump, jump, jump. Whenever there is a little bounce or give to what he is standing on he just takes off bouncing. His favorite is to use our king bed as his personal trampoline...I don't mind so much as long as someone is there to catch him as he goes flying through the air. He loves to build and stack and nest. The things he likes the most are the things that are not toys...like kitchen utensils, Christmas ornaments, electronics, and so forth....I am sure all you moms know exactly what I am talking about.

Carter loves Grandma and if she is around then he will always pick her first! ...well unless Cody is around...I think it is a toss up between those two! (Cody is my sister Casey's fiance..they are getting married Jan. 4th, 08)

Carter has a great big vocabulary and is adding 2-6 words daily! He is going full speed and I am just trying to keep up! He says things that I just had no clue he knew...like yesterday he went up to some of my Christmas stuff on the shelf and said "oh pretty, don't touch!" I was just like "wow..yeah don't touch!" Good boy!

Anyways....I could go on and on and on about him! he makes me gush and I am just so thankful for him and the lessons he is teaching me!! The biggest thing is patience! I started out thinking I would be so patient and everything would be all sparkles and fluffy but quickly realized I was in for a rude awakening! The past couple of months though I think I have gotten so much better at not losing patience and not getting so frustrated. I credit some of that to the many blogs I have read on here where other parents have taught me a lesson. One of the blogs I read is written by a mother who lost her baby girl in an accident. It has made me realize that a lot of things I got frustrated with were so petty and a waste of time. I realize how delicate life is and just want to hang onto and love Carter with everything I have because he was given to me to watch over and protect. I hope I have him for many many many MANY years!!!..All of my years to be exact!

Anyways...I always write so much...but I will definitely get on and post some pictures as soon as I get a chance....now onto attempting for the 40th time to write a paper!

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Ashley said...

That was really sweet! It makes me sad that I havent seen anyone's kidos. Some day. I can't believe you sister is getting married! We are so old.