Raining Petals

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm a Blubbering Mess!

I am a slobbering, sniffling, watering, gooey, teary eyes mess right now! While I was making a music play list, I came across a song by Lonestar called "Let Them Be Little" (I think that is the correct title) and yes, while it can be very cheesy and gooey depending on your mood, it has turned me into a puddle of sobs. I sat here listening to the song and looking at the slide show of Carter and all of his pictures and that was all it took. I know a lot of you moms completely understand and have been in the exact seat I am sitting in, so I take comfort in knowing that I am not the only hysterical woman around. Did you know uterus means hysterical?!?!? I learned that in one of my women's health classes. Undoubtedly named by a man. Now you understand why it is called a "hysterectomy". I guess for all of the women who have had one can now feel reassured and be respected by men because they no longer have a body organ that controls their emotions and makes them "hysterical"....wow that threw me way off onto a different subject!

So, if you listen to the song I am speaking of...there is part that says "let them sleep in the middle" or something to that affect...well I love that part because my little Carter had decided that is the only place he wants to sleep at night. I am not trying very hard to get him back to his own bed either. I love him there. Nothing can compare to turning over in the morning and seeing a bright little smile and eyes looking at me and hearing "hi" and a giggle. Though I will continue to try and get him to sleep in his own bed, I won't mind a bit when I hear him shuffling around and little footsteps coming into my room. There is always room in the middle........................and middle is best because last night I came to bed really late and right before I got there I hear a loud thump and Carter was face planted on the floor!


Tyler, Katy and Lucy said...

you are so funny... thanks for letting me browse your blog. I love your songs. Your baby is SO cute. maybe you should have another one...:)


Awwww...Laura, you're such a great mom!!! I can totally relate to your experience with songs!! YOu have to listen to Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney too! (Yes, I suggest kleenex's with that one too!) That was also interesting learning about hysterectomy and uterus! You really make me laugh!!! I LOVE YOU!!

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

I really needed to hear that from somebody! The last three months of Michael in the middle have left some very dark circles under my eyes. Thanks for reminding me that he wont be little for too long and that I need to enjoy his snuggles more because soon he won't want to sleep with me. Oh and what happened to the Butterfly Kisses song? :)