Raining Petals

Friday, October 19, 2007

For Your Listening Pleasure

So, I added a music play list.(stolen idea from my Nickita) Most of the songs are sentimental and have memories and meaning connected to them. Some of the songs I just like. I know some of the songs are way over played and you might be sick of them, so please feel free to click on another song that is pleasant to your ears. Just no bashing my song choices. Like I said, there is usually a memory connected to the song so it means something to me, so don't taint it! Thanks and enjoy!


The Van Noys said...

Laura! Your songs are amazing and I love to go to your page and just leave it running while I do stuff around the house! your page is so awesome too! And what an ADORABLE little boy you have! Probably the cutest baby mI have ever seen!!

The Van Noys said...

uummm...way to go Laura...they know you wrote that...see how it says "the van noys said..." yeah...good going.

The Van Noys said...