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Friday, September 14, 2007

Night Terror

This long topic has been broken up into smaller segments to let your eyes rest in between a lot of typing. Thank you and enjoy.

If any of you have ever experienced this, it is quite bizarre and alarming. Carter had been having "night terrors:...the thing with him though...they are not always at night. He had them during naps and sometimes in the morning when waking up. He screams hysterically and acts really confused. He resists being held and performs odd behaviors.

For instance, today I put him down for a nap. He fell asleep but then I heard him coughing a few minutes later. Then he started crying. I let him cry for a minute thinking he would go back to sleep. However, he kept crying harder and harder and finally I went into his room. When I opened the door he was walking towards me (he sleeps in a little bed and can get out) so I picked him up. When I picked him up he started screaming hysterically and pushing away from me. I put him down in the hallway and he went a picked up a blanket and walked back into his room and lifted up his arms towards the changing table (meanwhile still screaming)

Now, this action was really weird to me because he hates having his diaper change and I have never seen him "want" to get on the changing table. So, I ignored his request and tried to put him back in bed. He screamed even louder and more frantically. So, I but him up on the changing table and covered him with the blanket he had picked up.

He instantly stopped screaming and just laid there. I thought he was about to go back to sleep. After a couple of minutes he looked at me and reached out his arms. I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder and then after that he was fine. Okay....so I get totally stressed out in these situations!! It has happened a few times before this and it freaks me out! It is like he is really confused and he is totally not himself. Has anyone reading this ever experienced this?!?!?!

I called my mom and she had never really heard of or had experience with toddlers doing this. So I gave a my pediatrician a call and the nurse explained to me that it is totally normal and that Carter is okay. Phew! I was a little bit worried Carter was possessed. ;) Anyways....even though he is "normal" it is still stressful and freaky. I am always uncomfortable around ANYBODY who is not in their right mind or in complete control over their actions. That kind of stuff creeps me out.


Cheri said...

I have actually heard of these, haven't experianced it personally, thank goodness! My friend Fonda has a little boy who has the same problem. I've heard that picking them up or trying to touch them only makes it worse. I completely agree, it would creep me out to.

Carrie, Jason, and Maxon said...

Maxon used to have them at night quite often...but hasn't for a few months. Luckily he wasn't old enough to really move around. I hate them...they make me want to cry. I read quite a bit about them because no one I talked to had heard of babies so young getting them. It's not like a nightmare where you are having disturbing images, etc. Their brain is just stuck between two sleep stages so, like Cheri said, trying to hold them makes it worse because they already feel trapped. Apparently, since they're so young, they'll grow out of them.

Curtis, Tresa and the gang said...

Hi Laura,
What cute pictures you have - thanks for taking so many so we can watch Carter grow too. (And boy is he growing)
The night terrors are quite scary and I have read that the child will grow out of them, so hang in there. (even though he won't grow quick enough for you, since you are the one who has to endure watching this.)
It is great to get on your blog and see how things are going for you.
Quickly - Shelby is playing soccer now - this is so cute! Perron loves kindergarten, and is so happy and smiley when I get there at noon to pick him up. Courtney is driving now - WATCH OUT! Kaden just started on a kids bowling league since all he had to do after school was walk the dog and pick up dog poop, and Taylor is learning how to babysit really well while we cater to everyone's schedules. Curtis and I - we just try to keep up. We love our new home in Filer, come see us sometime. We love company! Love, Curtis, Tresa and the whole fam damily!