Raining Petals

Friday, September 14, 2007

I have let Carter's hair grow out (much to Josh's dismay) and I just couldn't resist having a little fun with it. I said "Say cheese Carter!" and he said "cheeeeeee!"

09/12/07 15 months old.

And here is what a tantrum looks like when he is told he cannot have the camera. Poor baby. Geeze...look at all those teeth!

Carter loves when his best cousin Halle comes to visit! Here they are posing for a picture before church. Halle is a little squinty eyed here.

Carter had his very first corn on the cob earlier this summer! He loved it!

For our 5th Anniversary(08/09/07), Josh and I went to a cute place called The Alaskan Inn. It is located in the Ogden Canyon. We stayed in the "Eagles Nest" This picture shows how the bed is up in a big, rocky Eagle's nest. Now...it was cute and we loved the stay....but the rock really hurt when getting out of the bed! I had to pad the stairs with pillows because it killed my feet.!


I am not sure how it looks here, but this breakfast was soooooo yummy! That cup of hot chocolate is seriously the BEST hot chocolate I have ever tasted! oooh I want some now! The bid tub was nice too! I thought this place looked cheesy online, but we both loved, loved the stay!

After checking out of the inn we had to make a stop and see our good friends The Simpson's. They were really happy to see us.


Julianna said...

Carter's tantrum picture reminds me of Josh a lot...which is weird..since I don't think I've seen Josh throw a tantrum..but anyway, he looks like him too a lot. Sorry about those night terrors too! Sad! Hopefully they end soon.


So your blog is AWESOME!! However. .. I want to see pictures of you Laurita!! And as for Carter---he is such a handsome guy and maybe he can look up Alexa after his Mission!! :) Being a mom is the best isn't it!!!

Ashley said...

Hello teeth! I am awaiting the day that Kinsey has one. I can't even imagine a dinosaur mouth full! Halle has to be Nate and Megan's right?