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Friday, April 19, 2013

Pregnancy: An Update...27 Weeks

As I am wrapping up my 2nd trimester I just have to thank it for being way kinder to me than my first. I have felt really good the last couple of months which has just made me happy and good health is always a blessing. I have been able to get out and participate in life vs. being in bed or on the couch. I know I am getting close to slowing down though as my body tries its best to carry around this belly! I am still surprised when I look down and see this! 

I am starting to feel really heavy. And despite cutting out sugar and eating low carbs this baby is already big and ahead of schedule. We can conclude it is not my diet but rather genes...I guess I just have big babies and there is no slowing this kid down. He will come out a toddler. 

If you are on Facebook (and don't have me hidden;) then you have seen these pictures. I am amazed when I look at them. I can't believe he is in my belly! Isn't it just incredible? Julie said it looks like he is wearing clothes and I laughed because I thought the same thing. In the 7th picture down it looks like he is wearing a long sleeve, wrinkly shirt. Well, no matter what he is wearing he is handsome, that is for sure. 

 (Sweet little profile and hand on his ear)

 (Eyes open and peeking at us!)

 (Hands behind neck...too cute)
 (My little Chubba Lub already has chubby cheeks and 13 more weeks to add to them! He better prepare for all the smooches headed his way!)
 (Folded in half with his feet up by his head and his hand grabbing his legs)


Isn't he cute?!?! I can't wait to meet him. The tech said his head is covered in hair. I can't wait to see what color it is. Carter came out with a head full of really dark hair so that is what I am expecting. But there is a chance it could be red. Carter guessed his hair is orange (most likely because the pictures are kind of orange...but maybe he is right!)

We still do not have a name but Carter has started calling him Cannon. I am still not set on that name but Carter calling him that makes me soften to it. But it is a name that many people give a funny look about and then start offering all sorts of suggestions to obviously change my mind. I just don't know. On the list right now is Crew, Cannon, Brigg, Statton, and Quinton. Which is your favorite? 

27 weeks:
*5lbs gained
 (I started out big enough so I do not need to gain much)
*Cravings...basically all my first trimester cravings are gone and the only thing I find myself dreaming about is chocolate milkshakes and frosties but I am not giving in!
*Carrying very high ..right up by my ribs
*Baby is still breach
*Hip pain while sleeping...I have to turn over often
*Turning over usually turns into a potty break...about 4-5 times s night! sigh
*I snore loudly (according to my loving husband) and this one is new...I drool!!! I have never in my life drooled but it has become a nightly occurrence now. I am so lovely.
*Besides these lovely symptoms I am feeling great. I have a good amount of energy and am enjoying this phase!
*Loving all the kicks and ripples

We just started today getting the nursery ready. I woke up and Josh had the crib put together and we started clearing the guest room out and making room for baby! I will post pics when it is all set-up. Still kind of unreal that we are starting all over again! What is funny is that I had Carter's crib and nursery all set up around 3 months prego...haha here I am 7 months and just getting started. I have to get it done while I can still move and bend. ;)

I know this is not very interesting to the public but I know I will like looking back on it later in life and remembering this short season I am in. I have been wanting to blog more as I have already forgotten so many things I wanted to remember. I just need to do it! ! Not sure why it is so hard to sit down for a bit and just record! I need to make it more of a priority. 

Until next time!


Jennifer said...

I like all your name choices. The only sort of problematic one might be Statton, but only because Americans like to use glottal stops when they find a "t" in the middle of a word (think water, mountain, Martin, oh, and I guess Quinton, too), but don't name your baby based on American's inability to pronounce things properly.

Anyway, he is SO adorable! Thanks for reposting them here, since I didn't see them on facebook.

julie said...

I like all your names about the same, with Statton maybe a little behind, which sounds mean, but isn't. Just a little behind. And probably for reasons similar to what Jenny said, the long a and the lazy American accent make it a teeny too hickish to me. I like Cheri's suggestion of Briggs too.

Shane and Amy Jo said...

Love the updates! So excited for you. Love the names. Crew or Briggs is probably my favorite.