Raining Petals

Monday, February 6, 2012


Church was good. It was testimony meeting. Bishop Hope (our previous Bishop) got up. That man radiates the Spirit. Whenever he gets up to speak I can be sure my heart will be pricked. Cathy Hope (his wife) taught the lesson in Young Women's today. We were all combined. There were only 8 young women in attendance. She always does a fabulous job. The lesson was on happiness. It was perfect timing for me. I loved being part of the listeners that day and learning. I am also becoming more comfortable in my calling. I always meant to blog about it.

In August we got a new Bishopric. With that came a reorganization of the Relief Society. I was 2nd counselor. If I recall correctly, the Relief Society President had been in the calling for 6+ years. She was so ready to be released. I was not ready, having been in there just over a year. I loved my calling. I loved teaching the lesson every 3 months and listening to the other teachers. I enjoyed getting to know the ladies and plan activities for them. Luckily, I knew the time was coming and had time to mentally prepare. In all honesty, I thought I would stay in the presidency. So I was a little shocked when I was asked to be 2nd counselor in the Young Women's. Of course I said yes. But I would be lying if I said I was not intimidated. Teenagers have frightened me ever since I stopped being one. Wait, not true. Teenage GIRLS have frightened me. I get along swimmingly with all the teenage boys in the ward. We joke and I have them babysit Carter and they are easy to talk to. It was a harder transition with the girls because I really did not know any of them. I was not sure how to relate to them or what I had to offer them. I am still learning this. I am still breaking the barriers that girls put up so much so than the boys. I am still learning who they are and what makes them tick. They are still feeling me out too. I can truly say I like each one of them. More and more so each time we meet. They are unique...the majority of them being very mild mannered and even tempered. I can't wait to get to know them more. I can tell they have a lot to offer me. I hope I can say the same about myself, in regards to them.

After church Carter and I drove home. Josh stayed for choir. He goes to church for meetings at 7:30 and 8:00 and then stays after for choir. I sometimes question if he is human:). Anyhow. Carter was complaining of death by starvation the entire ride home. I assured him he was indeed going to survive the 20 minute drive. He did not believe me because he reminded me every few seconds of his impending doom. Arriving home I quickly scrounged up lunch. No, I did not have a crock pot simmering with a delicious meal. I did not have a casserole in the oven. I basically failed at Sunday dinner yesterday. I hate to admit that I warmed up two frozen burritos for each of us (yes, cringe, but when you are starving they can be quite delectable). Luckily I did have a fresh, individual sized, chef salad in the fridge that Carter and I split to go along with our microwaved (in no way good for you) entree.

While settling down to eat Carter disappeared into the kitchen. Only two bites in and I hear a loud thump on the ground a very panicked cry from Carter. He came running into me screaming, "mommy, mommy, mommy" while holding his hand. I assumed he pinched or smashed a finger and wrapped him up for a healing hug. The hug didn't work. Now something was wrong. I pull him free from me and see that his shirt is covered in blood. Now my brain is on alert as I panic just a titch inside and haul him as fast I can into the bathroom before locating the source of the blood. Once the hand is under the cold water and everything is washed off I can see the blood is flowing very quickly from a nice, deep slit in his middle finger. If not under the water even for a second the blood floods his palm. I think to myself this may be too deep. I tell him to keep the cut under the cold water while I search frantically for a bandage, band-aid, gauze...NOTHING! Finally my eyes land on the box of panty liners. I wrap one around his finger and put pressure on it. The cut basically fills the liner up. More pressure. Finally I am able to pull the pad back with out blood gushing. Phew. The bleeding has stopped. We have saved a trip to the urgent care. I cut a liner in half and then tape it around his finger. I pull off his white shirt and throw it away. There is no way I am going to try and get the blood out of it.

Once Carter is settled on the couch I slip off my most favorite white skirt which has been dotted all over with tiny droplets of blood. I mourn just a little thinking it is the last time I get to wear it. I spray Melaleuca Pre-Spot all over the blood. Then I pour detergent right onto each of the spots and put it in a cold water soak. I am thrilled when I come back later that evening and not a spot of blood is visible.

After Josh gets home we crawl into bed. I read some. Right now I am reading "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. It is thrilling and frustrating and captivating and heartbreaking. I read many passages to Josh about sharks in the water and squeal a little bit when a Great White Shark makes an appearance. I tell him about the Japanese soldiers and find myself getting very upset at them and upset at American soldiers who have tortured their captives. It is not okay. I am seeing a different side to war. I hate it.

Then we doze. We sleep for 2 hours!! Glorius Sunday nap!

After we wake up we hurry and get ready and drive the 20 minutes back to Sentatobia (where our church is. A town south of us) and then 15 minutes out into the country from there. We reach the Syme residence. They are great friends and have invited us over for a Super Bowl party. I am not even aware of who made it to the Super Bowl. All I know is that the Saints or the Cowboys did not. I chat, eat yummy food, catch the half time show, watch a few plays, chat some more, play with little Wyatt who is enthralled with my necklace. Carter runs around and play with Cecelia who is 6 months younger than him. They play very well together.Then as the clock passes 7:30 and reaches towards 8:00 I start to silently panic just a little because Carter is not in bed. So I round everything up and say thank you and leave before the Super Bowl is over. Who won?

Once home I rush Carter into bed and get back into mine to read some more. Yes, the book has my interest. I think about it whenever I am not reading it. I am thinking about it right now and wish I would stop typing so I can read some more. But that is when the coughing starts. Carter starts coughing so hard and is wheezing. He has a hard time catching his breath. I give him allergy meds and puffs from his inhaler. I rub vicks on his chest. Later I give him cough medicine. I am desperate for something to work. To stop the coughing and allow him to sleep. We pray. Then I pray some more. After several hours we are all finally able to sleep. I am concluding Carter is allergic to the animals at the Syme's house. That is the only thing I can think of. It came out of nowhere. He is asleep now and has been silent since closing his eyes. Thank the Heavens. One of the most difficult things I have encountered as parents is 1. potty training and 2. unstoppable coughing. Nothing is more exhausting. He came in during a coughing fit crying and said "I am just a kid and just don't feel good". It broke my heart because there was not a thing I could do to make it stop. I know that is the part of parenting that everyone hates. When you are helpless.

So that was my yesterday. A little good, a little bad. That is most of my days. I think none of it worthy to write about. But now that I have it down I see that it is. That was one of days that makes up our lives. Carter learned a lesson about not using sharp scissors to try and open a water bottle and that he should come to me first. I learned that I can take care of my hurt child and dress his wounds even if unconventionally. I can make his bleeding stop. I can get stains out of my favorite skirt. I have friends. I am always happy when Josh comes home. I have the Gospel. I love reading. I have an amazing bed. And prayers are answered :)

Lots of good things in my little day to days.

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Casey Marie said...

HAHA you didn't tell me you used a panty liner as a bandage! Awesome. That rocks. You should tell Carter that story when he is older and has to take the puberty classes.
Just so you know I fed Atrion peanut butter and honey toast for dinner a few nights ago. No judgement.