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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Location...A Copy Cat Post

A couple of my girlies did this recently and I realized how very helpful it would be if I did so as well. Over the years I have updated my resume and always have trouble remembering past dwellings...so maybe this will help me...but I understand it is utterly disinteresting to most of you.

#1. The Newlywed Castle: also known as Country Villa
         ~ Twin Falls, ID
         ~2 bedroom 1 bath apartment
         ~We managed the little 8 unit complex in exchange for rent
         ~We both attended CSI, Josh worked at JC Penney and
             we both worked at Heritage Retirement Center for a spell.
                    ~ August 2002-May 2003

#2. The Escape the Hometown Desperation Move: aka Bountiful Court Apartments
         ~ Provo, UT
         ~ 2 bedroom 2 bath student housing...normally 6 college students lived in
             these units...temp. housing...had to move once summer was up
         ~ We cleaned the laundry rooms weekly in exchange for discounted rent
         ~ Josh transferred to JC Penney Provo and I did a good job of
            flunking two summer school classes at BYU while working at Subway
                    ~May 2003-July 2003

#3. The Had To Move Immediately and Try and Find Free Housing Place: AKA Beehive Homes
         ~ Orem, UT
         ~9 bedrooms 11 bathrooms Assisted Living Home
         ~We got a big room with a private bath free in exchange for working the night
            shift and taking care of 8 old ladies. Holy Crap...2 newlyweds were not ready
            for 8 babies all at once...I need to do post on this. Awesome memory.
         ~Josh still worked at JC Penney...I have no idea what I did. I am positive
           I did something though. I am sure of it. But what?
                  ~August 2003-October 2003

This is where it starts to get shady and hard to keep straight. 

#4. I think we moved into my parents house?? AKA: The Den   
         ~ Twin Falls, ID
         ~ 1 Den Bedroom...shared bathrooms with the fam.
         ~Though I love my family...one should rarely move back into a childhood
             home after being married. It is not fun to have to follow the house rules again.
             But really it wasn't that bad...just need own place.
                   ~October 2003-November 2003

#5. Get out of Parents House at All Costs Place: AKA Basement Room of Kellen Harrison's old house.
         ~ Twin Falls, ID
          ~1 Bedroom and Private Bath (although we went on a trip for Thanksgiving and came
             back to our bedroom door open and pee let in the toilet...so much for private)
          ~My aunt (Dad's sister) married a nice fellow and this was his parent's house.
             But it is kind of weird because I remember Kellen living there...anyways.
          ~I worked at Barnes and Noble in the cafe making coffee. Met fun people
            but would much rather have worked with the books.
          ~Josh either worked at JC Penney or Heritage or both.
          ~Got Antsy...just could not stay there...no kitchen...not as much
            privacy as we needed.
                  ~November 2003-December 2003

#6. Total Change of Plans Impulsive Move Place: AKA Josh's Parent's House
          ~  Santa Clara, UT
          ~Guess we didn't learn out lesson about living with parents:)
          ~We got the use of 2 bedrooms and bath.
           ~Josh mom was joining Josh's dad in Africa for 6 months...we were to
             house sit while attending school. I think his mom actually ended up only
             leaving for a few weeks. Love her. Don't love living with other people
              in their house:)
           ~We both attended Dixie State and Josh worked for
             Gordon Pavement and I worked a month at Arctic Circle. 
           ~Josh got In State tuition...I didn't...boo.
                    ~December 2003-May 2004

#7. The Move Back to In State Tuition Zone and Get Out Of Parent's Homes Place: AKA McIntosh Manner
           ~ Bartz Way Pocatello, ID
           ~The first place we had to pay full rent on...and it was tiny.
           ~We both worked ALL DAY at Convergys call center.
            ~I hated working there ...it was seriously our life...all we did. Yuck.
                    ~June 2004-August 2004
#8. Get Off Campus and Cheaper Rent Place: AKA Princeton Basement
           ~Just down the street from campus...easy walk. Basement of a University Professor.
           ~It felt nice and big after our small apartment...but was kind of dumpy.
             Lots of Hobo Spiders...EEEEKKK! But for the most part we enjoyed it.
           ~We both went to school full-time at ISU. 
                    ~August 2004-March 2005

#9. The Finally Getting Free Rent Again Place AKA: Chaud Rentals/North Arthur Apartments
            ~"Ghetto" side of town. (which after living in Memphis...ghettos do not exist in
            ~Got a 3 bedroom, 1 bath condo with a little backyard for free
            ~Managed the 24 unit complex...met some life long friends (Hi Leah and Brandi!)
            ~Continued education at ISU
            ~had a great time here...even conceived a baby! go us!
                  ~March 2005 to May 2006  

#10. The Acquired Another Property Management Job With Nicer Accommodations Place:
           AKA: Fairway Estates    
             ~Pocatello, ID
             ~2 bedroom 2 bath condo...swimming pool and office (no more home office)
            ~ Free plus a big salary....yay moving up!!!
            ~ Carter was born a week or so after moving in...his first home!
             ~Continued education and worked both properties.
                  ~May 2006 to June 2007

                  ~Twin Falls, ID
                                ~Excited to move back to Twin. Found great property management job.
                                         ~Moved out after a week when I found out Regional Manager made promises
                                           he was not able to keep.
                                                ~Back to square one....moving back down...boo.
                                                                ~June 2007-June 2007

#12. Back to the Parent's House with our Tails Between Our Legs.
                    ~sniff sniff....waaaa waaaa life is hard right now cry cry but Carter had a blast!!
                                                                ~June 2007-July 2007

#13. Back to School to try and Pick Up Where We Left Off Place: AKA Tahoe Place
                     ~Chubbuck, ID
                                  ~5 bedroom 2 bath.....huge backyard that backed up to a huge park...LOVE.
                                            ~This whole time we were still managing North Arthur Apt(the owner's still
                                                   thought we lived there and had no clue we had moved 3 times...this is
                                                   not dishonest...it shows we are dang good at managing properties...no
                                                   hiccups in their income while we were going through disasters:) go us! ha
                                                      ~We got such a big house because my sis and Katie were going to live
                                                         downstairs. And they did. But at different times and not as long as we
                                                         planned. So another fail...rent was too much. But we endured.
                                                               ~Continued education and picked up another property
                                                                  management contract....Summit Apts.
                                                                          ~July 2007-May 2008

#14. Take A Leap of Faith and Get out of Dodge Place: AKA Mississippi!!!!
                      ~Hernando, MS
                                   ~3 Bedroom 2 bath Manufactured Home Free plus salary... Finally back on top
                                     again!! Woot!
                                           ~ Office of my own...not in my home...gonna get myself a gnome.
                                                                          ~May 2008 to Present! (look at us being here 3 years

2 moves cannot be disclosed on this list....will have to edit in the future. But that brings the grand total to 16 moves in almost 9 years! phew! We are gypsies.

Currently loving the charming town (but I do have an itch to move to a new town...it happens yearly). We will stay put longer due to some business ventures both of us are taking on. While property managing, Josh also works on home remodeling and restoration. He is also starting out on his own buying houses and flipping or renting them...good luck to him on that as he is just getting started! My sister and I are going in a different directions and honing our creative skills. Re-purposing and up-cycling and refinishing treasures. My boutique should be open sometime this summer. Good luck to me as I am just getting started!

Life is good and I feel very blessed. The hard times we had make perfect sense when I look back over the path we have had to take. Had those times not come...we would not have ended up here...which is where we definitely need to be at this time in our life. There is no doubt in my mind those things happened for a reason. And though they were hard at the time...I wouldn't change it. The experiences we have had are irreplaceable.                                 


Lis said...

Wow. I am so glad you finally posted something! I stalk your blog just to catch up and read because I love your humor. I myself am a put roots down girl. I HATE CHANGE. You guys have had so many learning experiences, and I am so proud of you. I wondered what was going on with the Boutique. Alan and I love making little and widely varying projects so if you need some extra stock let us know.

Casey Marie said...

I forgot you worked at Subway and Arctic Circle. I still have fond memories fo visiting you in St. George and going to the mall and to your classes. I also was glad that you moved to Pocatello in time for me to go to ISU. Thus starting me off on a life of property management/ acquisition as well.