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Thursday, December 16, 2010

$5.00 DVDs for St. Jude's

 I have had a couple friends who sent and are sending gift cards for me to do the shopping and to save on shipping items...and that is totally fine by me! I don't mind a bit picking the items up! I have another option for you too if you want to participate...and if you can please do! The more the merrier:)

There are a bunch of DVDs that would work perfectly to donate to St. Jude's. And to save on shipping you can ship them right to my Walmart by choosing "Site to Store". My store is in Hernando, MS 38632...there is only one store in Hernando...so it should be easy to find:) Remember to just pick any movie rated PG-13 or lower and they don't have to be cartoons...any movie is perfect!


If you so choose to do this shoot me an e-mail at lauravannoy@gmail.com. You will need to give me the order number so I am able to pick it up.


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Levi and Amanda said...

That's a good idea that never occurred to me! :) Maybe I will order some videos and have you pick them up rather than sending the gift card!