Raining Petals

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Thank you for all the responses. You all exceeded my expectations and for that I am grateful. I really thought I would have maybe 2 people respond at the most...so yay for all of you helping me out!

I know I could just go to Google and ask...and I did. I went to a billion different sites and they all had good ideas but they were basically all the same ideas as the site before. So I wanted input from my creative and talented peeps. I can call you "my peeps" right?

But party planning is daunting and it gets more and more heavy the deeper I get into it. I don't like it. Ever since I became our Ward Activity Director I have lost the wind in my sails for party planning. It is hard and stressful. Magnify my calling...what? huh? I didn't say anything.

So...I am taking the easy way out. I am renting out a little arcade/amusement place for a few hours. See it here.

We joke with our friends down here that it is the "white trash Chuck E. Cheese"(which is funny because then you would have to assume that the regular Chuck E. cheese isn't) because it is tiny and just has a handful of games...but it has 2 bounce houses, mini golf, and laser tag...which equates to heaven for a 4 year old...which equates to heaven for a mom year old because I won't have to worry about keeping everyone entertained.

We are still going forward with the Rock Star theme. We are going to set up a little stage with microphones and let Carter and friends jam out. I might try to introduce Carter to freeze tag and see if they have fun doing that. Plans are not finalized so I will fill you on the details once they actually become details.

I can't wait to show you the invites the Good Frau made for Carter. Emily took my suggestions for what Carter wanted and made it perfectly!

I am excited. Carter is more. You are all invited;)


Casey Marie said...

hahaha Mommy year old. :)
You definitely need to have a VIP room or space for the kids since they are awesome rock stars.

Katie and Dustin said...

Hey sorry you were locked out from our blog I blame Dustin - I think a lot of others are too. I sent you an invite let me know if it doesn't work.
Hey as for the Body Balance we really like the products but they are expensive so we don't get them anymore since Dustin doesn't have time to invest in selling them now. My mom doesn't take it consistently she is funny about the whole thing you know her and "medicine products"I do think it is a good product. I slept a lot better and felt better and my leg spasms and cramps at night stopped. You can still order some if you want through Dustin's aunt and if you want more info let me know. Dustin's aunt swears by it. She takes it everyday 2 x a day. Well hope you are doing great and that the party planning goes most fabulous for you- good grief I should have just written you an email. love ya.

Us Bailey's said...

Sounds like fun to me! If only I was closer- I want to come too! Sounds like you guys will have a great time and I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Good luck!

Bradbury Bunch said...

ROCK ON!!! I'm all about the easy way the better! (for instance--letting the kiddo pick out the cake instead of trying to decorate the Elmo cake perfectly....my kind of planning! :)

Can't wait to see how it all goes! It will be such a fun memory for Carter! Thanks for the invite-we'll be thinking about you guys jammin out to a fun time! Only if you eat a piece of cake for me...since I'm craving cake now!

P-S Your last comment on my blog was so touching! :) THANK YOU! Geez, how did I get so blessed to have you as a friend in my life?!? Hope you had a Wonderful Mother's Day Laurita! {heart U}