Raining Petals

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Carter's Wish List

I let Carter shop around online and make a wish list of toys he wanted for his birthday. Of course he would pick one of everything but these are the ones he kept coming back to.

To the Grandmas, the pictures are hyperlinked and will take you right to Target. (wait a second, rarely does either grandma actually read my blog so we will have to hint some other way) I know, where is the love right?!?

My only problem with letting him do this is that he now thinks he will be getting one of each of these in the mail.

Where the Iron Man obsession came from, I have no idea. I have never seen the movies...he has never seen the movies...yet somehow he knows. Maybe it is "little boy radar" that I just can't understand.


Alli said...

lol Jackson and Carter are kidred spirits or something. Is that what they call it lol?
Anyways we have the trio blocks set. (the basic). It is the very favorite toy of the house. Josh, Jackson, Gracie, my mom all love them... Spendy but worth it. We also got the trio castle set. I have it tucked away for Christmas. (I know I am a dork) but it was reg 69.99 and I got it for 20.00.

Casey Marie said...

hahah that sounds like so much fun. I want to make a wish list of fun stuff. He's so funny. I bet he saw a commercial or something for Iron Man and decided (rightly so) that he was awesome and worthy of attention. Those seem like fun toys. I like the Buzz lightyear spaceship tent. I think I'll get one for myself ;)

des said...

hahaha lots of iron man! I love the picture with just iron man hanging out there with the white background, funny pose. made me laugh

Kristin said...

Iron man thing is so funny. They just know a super hero guy when they see one. Is he going to be 4?? That is crazy! Hopefully he doesn't remember everything he picked out and wanted..yeah right!

Jeff said...

Yeah for Iron Man, he'll be a comic book fanatic in no time. Congrats, it's a great life

Anonymous said...

Yeeees kids we do read these darlin' blogs now what to get for our BIG boy. Thanks for the heads-up.
Grandma D-D Van-Noy