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Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's go Shopping!

To go along with the post below I wanted to write down one activity that Carter really enjoys doing lately...and maybe some of your kiddos would like it as well.

When we check the mail there is usually a grocery store ad in the mix...not like Wal-Mart or Target...the ones that are chock full...page to page of groceries. I usually throw those ads right out because they are so busy and too much for my eyes to handle. However, I now hang on to them because Carter has created his own game out of them.

Carter will take the ad and spread it out across the floor. He will then tell me, "Mom! go shopping! What do we need?" I will reply, "hmmmm....I think we need some cereal. Can you find me the cereal?" He will then search the ad until he finds a box of cereal (there are always boxes of cereal;) And then I will continue to go shopping while Carter finds the items.

He will play this for so long and it is easy for me to do because I can be folding laundry or being really super productive (read: playing Farmville) while I shout out my requests.

Try it...your kids might love it too. Also...I want to hear what kind of games or activities your kids really enjoy doing that you think we should try...so give me some ideas of how you spend your days together!


Liz said...

What a great idea. Katelyn already loves going through those; I should have her search for things. Isn't it fun what you can make into toys?

You make me laugh! "Playing Farmville"...LOL!

julie said...

That is a great idea..I'm trying to think of things we do...right now we're really into making things. It's amazing what you can do with construction paper, scissors and glue. Right now Ethan is way into American Flags..he points them out everywhere we go. So we made one. And today we made a lady bug.

Alli said...

Jackson loves doing that. So cute.

Casey Marie said...

Well right now the activity that Atrion loves most is to try and get ahold of cords or electrical items. The fun part is when I say "No!NO!NO!" and he giggles at me and continues doing it until I pick him up and move him. I should take a picture of my many barricades in my living room.

Us Bailey's said...

That is a great idea! I love hearing what other people do for easy, keep 'um busy games! I'm forever runnung out of them! Thanks for sharing!

Bradbury Bunch said...

I shall never throw those ads away ever again now thanks to you!! :) Splendid idea Laurita! I LOVE hearing new ideas and new fun things to go!

On my blog under favorites...hold on...let me just go get the website.....
...okay I'm back!


Fun! Super Duper ideas!!
Just last week we found one on there where we have a basket of Lexi's animals and she looks at all of them, and then she has to out of the room while I hide them all, and then she'll come back in and find them. (Just like an easter Egg hunt except with toys/animals) I've learned she has a good memory because she can remember all the animals she's suppose to have! It saved us this last weekend while in Grandma's mini apt for 3 days! :)

Anyway--great website! Check it out!!

**nicke... said...

that is such a great idea. sara is a bit younger than carter, so we play... knock knock...

she will say "knock knock"
i will say "who's there"
she will say "daddy"

i will say "knock knock"
she will say "who's there"
i will say " gramma shawna"
she will say "oh, yeah"

it goes on and on and on...